Their Feelings Towards Homeland

While reading the article “Narrating Location: Space, Age
and Gender among Bengali Elders in East London” by Katy Gardner, I started to
think about some of my relatives who live in abroad. As I started to match the
reactions of my relatives with the described characters of the article, I have
found many similarities between them. In this case, I want to talk about my two
relatives who live in America. One of them is rich and well educated while the
other one is from a poor background and not so educated.

Firstly, I have noticed that the migration issues are same
for everyone at the beginning no matter which background they are from. At first,
both of my relatives had same problems to adopt with the new environment. However,
it was easy for the rich and educated one to adopt with the new environment quickly
than the poor and less educated one. Moreover, while the educated one got a
good job there, the less educated one mostly worked as a labor. Since the
educated one was from a rich family, he didn’t need to send money to his home
in Bangladesh. Therefore, he used to spend his money for his own luxuries and
enjoyments. It was also very easy for him to make friends with foreigners and
get along with their lifestyle because of his education and fluent financial
condition. On the other hand, the poor one used to send the lion share of his
income to his home although he used to live in poor condition in America. In
addition, he also found it very hard to get along with American people since he
suffered from infeority feelings. As the living conditions of these two
relatives were totally different, their perspectives about the migrated country
were also very different. While the rich and educated one usually used to talk
about the wonderful and fascinating lifestyle of America to his relatives in
Bangladesh, the poor and less educated one used to talk about the hardship and loneliness
of migrated life.

Secondly, I have seen that the nostalgia and the eagerness they
feel for their homeland is also depend on their condition in that migrated
country. Whenever the rich one comes to Bangladesh, he mostly talks about the
negative sides of Bangladesh and improved lifestyle of America. On being asked,
he says that he never wants to settle back in Bangladesh. On the other hand,
the poor one always talks about his eagerness to come back to Bangladesh. He says
that he is staying in America only to support his family and as soon as he has
enough money to hold a business in Bangladesh he will come back forever.

Thus it shows that the perspective of migrants toward their
homeland is totally based on their experience and living condition in that
migrated country.


One Response to Their Feelings Towards Homeland

  1. nusrat4 says:

    Dear roksana, i enjoyed a lot reading your blog. It was interesting to read about your relatives living in abroad. I appreciate with you that perspective of exile people about Bangladesh varries from person to person. I also have found my exiled relatives have different views about Bangladesh after living a long time in abroad. Once again i want to tell u that u had done really a great job.

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