Symbolism of Hairstyles

When I read the article “Symbolism of Hairstyles in Korea and Japan” by Na-Young Choi, I have come to know about the ancient hairstyles of Korea and Japan which were originated from China. Na-Young Choi wrote in the article about the hairstyles which symbolize one’s marital status, wealth, religious view and social status. Though many years passed away, the perception of people about the hairstyles is still not changed. People still consider hairstyles as the symbol of marital status, wealth, social status, and religious view, but sometimes the way of judgment is little bit different.
We see in the article that long hair symbolizes the wealthy status of the women as they do not have work, and that’s why they can easily keep their hair long. Nowadays, we see different picture in term of hairstyle. In Bangladesh, there are many beauty parlors which provide different kinds of haircut like bangs, layer, razor and bob cut etc, and if anyone wants to have the haircut, they must need money. We see that most of the poor women in Bangladesh have long hair as they do not have money to go to the beauty parlor and have a nice haircut. That’s why, as the people of affluent family get modern hair cut every month, they have shorter hair than that of the poor women and girls who usually cannot provide money to go to a beauty parlor to get a good haircut. Moreover, hair rebonding or hair straightening and doing hair color are the symbols of wealth. It is because these need lots of money if anyone wants to make her curly hair straight or highlight her hair with various colors as the products are very expensive. Now it is very popular in Bangladesh very much.
Men were usually supposed to get short haircut, and women long hair before, but now it is changed. Before only rock stars used to have long hair, but now men are free to have long hair like women, and also can get short hair like men. Now no one will think the women weird who get short haircut. SO, the haircut also symbolizes the independence of a person

One Response to Symbolism of Hairstyles

  1. rstha says:

    Dear Tasnia,
    The ideas you expressed are indeed true. With respect to time, the values and meanings of hairstyle have changed. As you said, short hairstyle represents the wealth of a person. If it is colored or the hairstyle is changed time and again, then it is a symbol of wealth as for doing so requires money. Not only in Bangladesh but even in Nepal, the value of hairstyle in present time is same. Wealthy people tend to have stylish haircuts with color and other styles whereas poor people have long hair as they are unable to go to parlors for haircuts.

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