Summary of Hair

Naturally, humans love to beautify themselves in various ways. Both men and women give the same preference on hair styles as like dresses. Without a proper hair style, their makeup seems not completed. People change their hair style according to their ages, choices, or fashion and season.

I think a hair style identifies a person. It can tell how the person is and what is going on that person’s life. If you see a person with a shabby hair, you can realize that the person is not concern about his time schedule. He wastes his time; therefore, he is getting late for his work and doesn’t comb his hair. On the other hand, if you see a person with a furnished hair, you can understand that the person always manages his time properly and have a smart personality.  Moreover, if you see a girl with two flats, you can easily recognize that girl is school or college student. On the other hand, university students are more fashionable and often keep their hair untied. Sometimes they try different hairstyles in their hair. Nowadays straightening hair becomes a common style for almost all the females. Especially those who are rich usually utilize money to make their hair more beautiful. Meantime, men are not behind women. They also try different cuts in their hair, and sometimes they spike it.

Hairstyle shows women’s profession also. In my country, Bangladesh, I see women who work in the offices and don’t need to band too much but usually straighten their hair and keep them open, whereas others who are housewives prefer keeping their hair folded and make a bun.

Having good hair gives human confidence and happiness; however, losing hair sometimes makes people embarrass, especially men. Their hair often falls, and they become bald. Many factors can be responsible for the irregular fall of their hair, including genetics, tension, malnutrition,
and physical formation, and scalp circumstances. Nowadays, new innovations have made in non-surgical hair replacements for men, an amazing revolutionary solution for hair restoration, and there are lots of hair replacement companies offering several technologies for hair replacement at a cheap rate.

About iratahmid
I am a student of Asian University for Women.

One Response to Summary of Hair

  1. Dear friend,
    I enjoyed reading your post. You have described the importance of hair and its styles in an impressive way. As you have said, really hair describes the living status of people as well as their interests. Though the styles varies from place to place and person to person, the role of hair in describing one’s appearance is always significant in both males and females.


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