Lying and Its Usage……..

Written by Judith Viorst  “The Truth about Lying” is a classification essay which discusses the types of lies with its explanation. Lies sometimes result in minute changes whereas sometimes it may create a disaster. There are four types of lies and I found that I fit among all four of them. I believe that everyone fits in at least one of them.

The first is a social lie that means lying to avoid hurting other’s feelings. I remember lying to my boss to protect his feelings. In my last birthday, my boss gave me a birthday present. I received a decorating piece made of shells. The piece was a weird structure which I still don’t know is a sheep or some other animal. However, the next day, I thanked my boss for the wonderful gift.

The second type is peace-keeping lies or lying to prevent conflicts or fights between people. When my friends phoned me on Saturdays, I never received their call knowing that it was an invitation to a dance party. I never liked attending dance parties and if I would have tried to reject them, then we would have ended up quarrelling with each other. The next time, when I met them, made an excuse and escaped from there.

The third type is protective lies or lying for the sake of other’s better life or to hide the truth which others can’t accept. When I talk to my mother, I never let her know that I am sick. I don’t want her to feel pain more than what I am feeling and worry about me. I want to make her happy and comfortable although we are living far away from each other. I didn’t know that hiding the truth also means lying. Yes, here I take the help of protective lies to keep my mother out of worries.

The final type is trust keeping or lying to protect the trust of someone for some other person. Once my aunt found a cigarette in my cousin’s bag and my cousin came to me for help. He promised to quit smoking if I lied about his smoking, so I lied to my aunt and then my brother quit smoking.

In conclusion, lies can sometimes improve people’s lives and sometimes destroy them as well. Therefore, one must be very careful before taking the help of lies.



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