Men Hair dos

Most of the women think that men are left behind when it comes to hairstyle. However, it is not the case; for example, we might have seen the hairstyles of the famous football player, David Beckham. He has worn all different kinds of hairstyle including short trimmed hair, punk, formal and long curly hair until now, and above all  his hairstyle is liked by many people, and some of them have  copied too.  Therefore, today I would like to mention some of the famous hairstyles that many men possess.






Spikey hair: Spikey hair is considered to be a fashionable and new hairstyle. Men of all ages prefer the spikey hairdo, and it is often well-liked. This hair style has become popular among men because it is easy to make spikes with hair gel within few minutes. Moreover, as spikey hair appears wild and sexy, it is liked by many women.







Long hair: Mostly rock stars keep their hair long. Whether the rock stars of 60s or of present days, most of them possess long hair. One common reason for rock star to keep long hair is to head bang; also, their hair can swing with the music adding fun to their theatrics. On the other side, the men who aren’t rock music idols keep long hair either to show their affection towards the rock music or just to be with the fashion of hippies and freaks.







Braids : Men make braids because they want to give a desgin to their head. Mostly African are seen with braids. The African having thick hair make braids in order to manage their hair easily. However, if a man is applying for some professional jobs, then he has to cut the braids off. Moreover, man with braids are rarely found in any office or reputed work institution. On the other hand, Bob Marley, a famous ragee singer, is world wide famous for his braids. He has become the inspiration for many African as well as other countries boys to do the same hairstyle. Therefore, music lovers especially reagee fans keep braids.






Curly hair: Men usually do not prefer curly hair, but many of them are born with it. Many men cut their hair and make it short while others make it wavy. Wavy look is considered as sex appealing look. Therefore, many men prefer to make hair slightly curl when they go to party or club if they have intensions to approach a girl for a date.


2 Responses to Men Hair dos

  1. ansu i really liked the pictures you have chosen , but why salman khan ne, why not some metal heads haha???

  2. Dear Anshu,
    I really liked the way you have presented your ideas along with these pictures. It became easy to understand your blog by looking at these pictures. Yes, you are true that hairstyles of men can be as cool as that of women. Moreover, I also think that hair styles often attract people. Anyways nice attempt Anshu.

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