Hairstyle: My Perception

Long hair, or short hair, does it have to be the sign of beauty or social status? It seems a bit ridiculous. I mean everyone looks pretty and beautiful the way she is. I think it is somewhat very silly of us to believe hair has anything to do with the way we look. Most of my girlfriends in AUW consider long hair as a sign of beauty. Moreover, in the article “Symbolism of Hairstyles in Korea and Japan” by Na-Young Choi, hair represented one’s social status and wealth, hairstyles were expression of a woman’s marital status, and it is thought to fend off evil influence. Well, I was surprised how hairstyles played different roles. I, for one, never thought about hair in this way even though I have judged people by looking at their hairstyles. My grandmother, who thinks short hair is the symbol of beauty, and who happens to have short hair, told me once that unlike most Asian women, Bhutanese women have short hair with bangs across their forehead. However, the young women these days in urban areas are emerging with different hairstyles and short hair are infrequent in urban areas.

Today, short hair is more prevalent in the rural sides of Bhutan and it is less common in the urban areas. My cousins who live in the countryside have short hair as well, and they have never tried to keep it long. According to my grandmother, most women in Bhutan preferred short hair in the past and they considered it as a sign of beauty, and it was very rare to find women with long hair. She also told me that short hair looked more clean and tidy, and was much easier to handle. I am amused that hair played important role in a society because I never realized hair could represent one’s status or a person’s marital status. Even though I sometimes judge person according to his/her hairstyles, I never tried to explore further as to where he/she is from, or how affluent his/her family is. I still do not believe hairstyles defines ones status in society.

It is strange how we view at people and judge according to their hairstyles. My friends and I too look at people according to their hairstyles. For example, a man with shoulder length or waist length hair is usually considered someone who is a truthful lover of music whose genre includes rock and metallic music such as black metal, crust punk, death metal, and many more. Furthermore, a very short hairstyle that is neat and tidy is probably someone who is neatly trendy, appearing plain and simple at the same time. A person with a razor cut shag kind of hairstyle or people with hairdos such as Mohawk is someone who is rebellious and is coupled mostly with punk rock subculture. A woman with long hair is someone who is quite simple with fair amount of style. A person with too much color in his/her hair is someone who is excessively stylish. It is hilarious, isn’t it, defining people according to their hairstyle.

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Student at the Asian University for Women.

One Response to Hairstyle: My Perception

  1. aditi27 says:

    Dear Tandin,
    I enjoyed reading your blog post, and I got to know about the symbolism of hairstyles in Bhutan. As you said that you don’t worry much about hairstyle and find it a ridiculous idea to judge people on the basis of their hairstyles, I feel the same. However, I have a quite different view towards it. I think hairstyle somehow helps to enhance your looks and image to some extent whether you have long hair or short hair. I personally think that one should experience change of hairstyle often.

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