Hair Cut !

If we go out in public gathering or in market or in any town area, every head looks different from the other with different hair styles. These days it’s in fashion to color ones hair. Not just with one type of color but with multiple colors. One can see all the possible colors that a rainbow carries. Not only coloring the hair but there are various hair styles too. Some have hair styles like spikes—pointed outward, others have mixed hair styles, long hair from within and cut short from outside. There are names given to every hairstyle– curly hair, wavy hair, frizzy hair, choppy hair, Emo hairstyle, and many other kinds of styles.
The article, “Symbolism of Hairstyles in Korea and Japan,” reveals that the hair styles too carried traditional importance especially in Korea and Japan. The girls, married women, men, boys and others had different hair styles. Individuals had hairstyles according to their rank and their status. I never thought that a hair style could mean and signify so much. With every type of style, it carries a meaning. The hair styles that we see now days are just for the trend and to be in fashion but in early days it counted great meaning.
In Bhutan, as far as I know, the traditional hair style of female is French-style in the front. The hair was cut to eye length covering the forehead and the rest of the hair, at the back, was cut till the neck level. For males, they used to cut their hair simply short. On the other hand, the youth, these days have varieties of hair styles. With every generation there are changes in the hairstyles. Furthermore, with the exposure to media and fashion, the teens catch up with the latest fashion trend. They adapt every new style that is in the spotlight within no time and they keep up-to-date every news and events related to fashion.
In my high school in Bhutan, it was announced by the principal that students are not allowed to come to school with fancy hairstyles. I remember, one of my teachers scolding a student who came to class with his hair dyed in red color and had applied hair gel, which made his hair look like spikes. He was scolded for not obeying the school rules, moreover, the teacher made fun of him saying that if a potato is thrown on his head, the spikes-like hair would hold the potato on his head itself. We had a good laugh over that.


One Response to Hair Cut !

  1. auwpriyanka says:

    Hey Yoyo,
    I like your observation. I think hair is very valuable for each person. The growing fashion has prove that how much people are concerned about their hair.
    As you have shared your story about one of the hairstyle — spike hairs of boys — in my school also boys used to have these sort of hairstyles, and we used to tease them by calling them a “porcupine”. It used to be great fun.
    In this contemporary era, people spend a lot of money on their hair. Some want straight hair, while others want curly. Moreover, coloring hair is in fashion now. Seeing all this, I can acknowledge that hair holds a great significance in people’s lives.

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