Autobiography (Part 2)

‘“I will go hungry, but I will not steal. I may die of hunger but not lay my hands on anyone else’s goods” (75).The words from my mother’s tongue seem to be a knife penetrating my heart. My head is still obsessed with these words although I endeavor to forget them. I am a thief and liar. I am willing to exchange my integrity with a dozen of bananas. To satisfy my hunger, I deceive an old woman, and I deceive myself. In contrast, my mother accepts to lose her job instead of having a stain on her reputation. Hence, I feel mortified before her. I feel guilty of myself. What should I do now?’ These words were written in Vasant Moon’s diary after he understood why his mother lost her job.


Like Moon, we human beings often make mistakes, but we don’t concede them until someone points them out or unintentionally mentions something relevant to our mistakes.


These thoughts lead me to my childhood when I used to be such an obstinate that I would want to take revenge to my parents because they coerced me into not making friends with the one I liked. To be candid, my friend was not good; indeed, she was a naughty girl, a bad student, and a disobedient child.  She even played gambling and drank beer. Despite these facts, I sustained making friends with her because I believed that she had a heart inside the label “spoiled girl” and one day I could find out this heart. However, unfortunately I was altered before altering her. To make friend with her, I learnt to go to parties, talk with so-called gangs, and said stupid words. Needless to say, my results reversed, and my parents had to give me curfew and threats of cutting my allowance. At first, I was so irate that I wanted give them reprisal in return. However, the less I was with her, the more I realized her bad attributes. And I myself wanted to terminate our relationship. I wouldn’t have stopped making friends with her if my parents hadn’t given my adverse deterrents. I would have lived in different path if my parents hadn’t pointed my friend’s bad attributes out. Therefore, I have learnt that it’s good to have others surrounding us so that they can help us to realize our mistakes.

2 Responses to Autobiography (Part 2)

  1. tausifa says:

    Dear Tram,
    Your post is very reasonable. However, i don’t think that Moon will never steal again hearing about his mother’s honesty. I think he will steal again if he has to starve again. You know, it’s very hard to think of right and wrong when the dirty hand of hunger or poverty snatches away one’s good spirit. At that time, he will forget his mother’s honesty because necessity knows no law.

  2. phamtram says:

    Tausifa, you may be right. However, i think that Moon is a good child, so he won’t do anything wrong else to let his mother down. Indeed, you can see that he doesn’t dare to concede his guilt because he doesn’t want to make his miserable mother sad. Therefore, i believe that Moon in the future will go hungry to die instead of stealing.

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