Importance of religion in my life


What is a religion? Some people especially religious minded people tend to say it is a part of culture and it plays important role in shaping one’s life. Moreover, they say it’s one of the ways to unite people of same interest and beliefs together no matter whether they are from poor or rich backgrounds. However, some people who do not believe in religion say that it will dominate your imagination or thinking power. It will build false notions and ideas inside your mind creating subjective views.

But for me, though I believe in religion I couldn’t practice everything written in the doctrine. It’s not because I am not interested but it’s very hard for me to follow each and everything mentioned in the doctrine. As per my religion, it’s very important for one to have a pure mind in order to get enlightenment. Pure mind means refraining oneself from greed, jealousy, anger, and timidness. It means averting our self from committing ten sins which includes killing, stealing, lying, doing sexual misconducts, sowing discord, speaking harsh words, telling worthless words, and thinking bad things about others. I always remember them and chant prayers before eating breakfast and going to bed. However, I have always failed to apply them in practical life. Every day, I either get angry or lazy.

Still then, I will not give up. It is because I have learned that it’s not money, education, sunny days, and marriage that will give us real happiness, but it’s the religion and friends or family ties that that give us real happiness, and it’s true for me. I feel happy when I start my days by praying to my god. I feel happy when I visit Buddha’s sacred places. I feel happier when I do some charitable work.  I think my religion has never discriminated or ruined my life; instead it has helped me to overcome difficult situations. It somehow motivates me to be happy with what I have and what I am now. Therefore, religion is very important in my life. What about you?

2 Responses to Importance of religion in my life

  1. phamtram says:

    Dorji Om, I agree with you that religion is important for one’s life. Without it, one’s life cannot fulfil because she or he doesn’t have anything to rely on. I am also glad to hear that you won’t give up your religions despite its obstacles. Remeber that these obstacles are chances for us to be mature and perfect, so always endeavor to practice your good attributes and correct your mistakes so that you will never disappointed.

  2. ztandee says:

    Hello Dorji,

    I know that in our religion, we must refrain from doing everything that you have mentioned in your entry. I too, like you, find it very difficult to apply in practical life. I think it is okay because no one is perfect. Everyone has flaws and believing in everything that is written is sort of extreme. We do what we can, right? We don’t do things intentionally.

    Yes, religion is important. I am happy that you are not going to give up, i like your spirit. However, it is okay to make mistakes because we learn from them.

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