Truth Needs to be Revealed

While reading “Truth about lying”, the story of one of my close friends came up on my mind. When I was in standard ten, we met and she became very close friend of mine. There was a guy whom she liked a lot and one day luckily that guy proposed her. Instead of being in elation, she was in dilemma. As the day passed by, she started to remain silent and gloomy, while the boy was eagerly waiting for her reply. I still remember that evening when she came to me and asked what she should do. She told me that there used to be a guy whom she used to love, but her first love betrayed her. From that day, she stopped believing in love and any other guy. She liked the second guy who had proposed her, but she was afraid of being left broken again. Moreover, even if she accepted she was not sure whether to tell him the truth about her first affair. I told my friend to accept that guy and tell him the truth of her past. The next day, she accepted his proposal but couldn’t tell him about her past. Every time she met him, she thought that she would tell him but couldn’t gather the courage thinking that she would lose him. Their relation was going well, but to my friend’s astonishment her boyfriend found out about her previous affair by reading her diary. Both of them were left broken. My friend wanted to make everything clear but the boy was very much hurt that he didn’t want to listen to her. Next day I went and talked to that boy and managed a place for them to meet. Both of them loved each other so much that it was difficult for them to be apart from each other. That day the girl apologized to the boy and they end up happily. Till today, their relationship is going well and it’s the fourth year of their relationship.


I really get so puzzled thinking that to what extent we can lie to be with the person we love so much. Lucky me that I hadn’t have such situation to lie but if I was in my friend’s place, I wonder what I would have done. I think lies are not always bad. Sometimes we are forced to tell a lie not to let go the people we love or not to hurt them. It depends upon the people for whom we lie. Some understand upon finding out our truth and some leave us thinking that we are betrayer. Not to break trust and people’s heart, even though we hide the truth at first, I think, the truth should be revealed seeing the right time and right situation. Else, one lie can ruin our lives.

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