Trust-Keeping Lies

It is quite amazing to discover that there are truths behind lies. Often times, we wonder why people tell lies. Also, we have the intrinsic feeling that lying is not good for ourselves as well for the others. However, we tend to tell lies either intentionally or unintentionally in our day to day lives. The article “The Truth about Lying” by Judith Viorst gives us four specific distinctions of lies. They are social lies, protective lies, peace-keeping lies, and trust-keeping lies (Viorst, 181-4). In a way, we think that lies are not rationale and it is troublesome. In the other way, we often tell lies in order to hide the truth or it could hurt the other person. Sometimes, we are forced to tell lies depending upon circumstances. Truths are not always pleasant to share no matter with our friends or families. Trust keeping lies is telling lies to the third person in order to prevent ourselves from betraying our friend’s trust (Viorst, 184). I have an experience with trust keeping lies. It was during my High School days when I had to make up a lie in order to keep her trust in me. I was in the hostel and I was appointed as the assistant cottage coordinator since the main captain was having exams. I had to take charge of the cottage and check the presence of my cottage mates. During that time, some border girls used to escape outside the hostel boundary to meet their boyfriends. So as being a cottage coordinator, I had to keep strict and alert eyes on my cottage girls. However, it happened one night that one of my close friends begged me to allow her to meet her boyfriend. I was in a position where I could not take any action. At first I profoundly refused, and she was deeply saddened by my refusal. Finally, she decided to go with the trust that I will cover her absence by any means. I thought matron won’t come for hostel check up. Unfortunately, that evening our matron came to take attendance. In order to prevent my friend from getting caught and to keep her trust, I told the matron that my friend was in the toilet since she was suffering from shooting diarrhea. Thank god that she didn’t check the toilet. If she did, then both I and my friend will be severely punished. So in that way, I was able protect my friend whose trust I had promised to keep.

2 Responses to Trust-Keeping Lies

  1. tasnia says:

    Dear Tshring, I really liked your feelings for your friends, but sometimes it happens that we have to tell lie for friends in such a place where there is no place for lies, such as when we are in chrage of. We are then in a dilimma when we do not feel good to neglect our duty, but also feel very bad to hurt someone whom we love.

  2. papunauw says:

    Dear Tshring,
    I enjoyed reading your post and became surprised about your telling lies for saving your friend in such a adverse situation.
    Even though you were in a difficult situation, you could not throw your love for your friend.
    I am sorry that I will strongly have to oppose to telling such kind of lies. Because, if you loose your teacher’s faith one time, it can never be regained ;whereas, your friend could be able to meet her boyfriend in future. You could make understand her concerning about your position. I think she will must understand as it is both risky for you and your friend.
    I suggest you, when you will be in such a responsible work, you must avoid your emotional feelings for close persons. It will be good for you.
    Thank You.

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