Say Yes for Lie

Everything in this world can be used in two ways: good or
bad. Even good things can be used in wrong way. It depends on one’s intention
of using it and how they use it. The same thing happens in usage of lie. I
think telling lies is not always bad. When people tell lies for a good purpose
such as keeping trust or protecting others, that lie will not be considered

In my childhood I heard about a true religious story about a
poor mother and her hungry children. Long time ago, there was a sultan named
Hazrat Umar Radiallahuta-ala-anhu. He was a very kind and amiable ruler. Every
night he came out in disguise to see his subjects whether they were happy or
not under his rule. One night, while he was passing a hut, he heard that two
children were crying and asking their mother to serve food. Every time they asked
their mother, she appeased them by telling them to wait for a few minutes and
that food was still cooking. For a long time she was doing same thing.
Actually, she had nothing to cook. Putting stone with water in the pot, she was
pretending that she was cooking food. After waiting for a long time, her children
slept, and she was crying beside the stove.
Her children didn’t understand that their mother was lying but Hazrat
Umar Radiallahuta-ala-anhu understood. He went to his house and brought a sack
of rice to that woman. He also told that mother not to tell lie to her

Skimming over the surface, it is true that the mother was
telling lies, but if we closely observe the intention of that mother to tell
lie, we can understand that she was not cheating her children. Judisth Viorst
wrote about the classification of lies in her essay “The Truth about Lying”:
Social Lies, Peace-keeping lie, Protective lie and Trust-keeping lie. I think,
it is Trust-keeping lie because she didn’t want to break her children’s trust
that her mother would give them food. She just didn’t want to hurt her little children
because she loved them. Therefore, I believe all lies are not bad. Even parents
can tell lie when it is necessary.

About iratahmid
I am a student of Asian University for Women.

One Response to Say Yes for Lie

  1. Dear friend,

    I loved the way you have given an example to support your view. It is true that lies are not always bad and harm others. To keep the trust and to protect as well, we need to tell lie many times. As you said, the mother, though lied to her children, didn’t mean to harm them or cheat them. In our lives, we face these kinds of situations many times when we need to tell a lie to our people in order to protect them and our relationships. Often we are even misunderstood and criticized, but if it does good for everyone then telling lie is not a sin.

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