Some Lies Are Good Too

Although I was always aware of lying in various kinds of situations, I have never thought about lying so deeply until I read the essay “The Truth about Lying” by Judith Viorst. I never knew that lie also has different genre such as social lie, peace-keeping lies, protective lie, and trust keeping lie. The variations of lies have really surprised me. At the same time, it has also made me very aware about my own lies. After reading about different lies, I have gotten a chance to think whether all lies I say are appropriate or not. As I consider all lies, I started to find that most of the lies somehow have some kind of interest behind them such as peace-keeping lies, protective lies, and trust keeping lies. Most of the times, people say these lies to hide some kind of truths which might be important for the other people to know and harmful for the liars to reveal. Therefore, people say these lies with the motive of manipulation. However, during my course of exploration, I have also found that there is one kind of lies which are not based on any self interest or manipulative motives and that is social lies.


So, I think social lies are the best kind of lies. Even if they are lies, most of the time they are better than truths. Social lies are often said just to make other happy. Therefore, more or less, every people want to hear social lies. In social lies the liar doesn’t get anything in return but give a temporary happiness to the other person. For example, a little lies of complement to a children’s work, even if it’s not so good, can motivate him or her to do better. Similarly, a little complement about one’s look, who is not looking good, can certainly give him or her feeling of satisfaction, even though he or she knows very well that how he or she is looking. Moreover, this is the only kind of lie that doesn’t have any side effects or consequences. On one hand, social lies are also work as peace-keeping lies. They maintain the peace of family, friends, and society.


Therefore, I believe that social lies are the only kind of lies that are worth telling even if you don’t have any strict reasons to do so.


2 Responses to Some Lies Are Good Too

  1. iratahmid says:

    Dear Roksana,
    If we hold book so close to our eyes, you can’t read that book. Like this sometimes we cannot notice those things that we often do. After reading this article I also notice the truth of lying. Unfortunately, I can’t agree with you that social lies are the best kind of lies. I think trust keeping lies are the best because people say social lies to keep trust and not to hurt them.

  2. nusrat4 says:

    Dear Roksana, i’ve enjoyed reading your blog. i support ur point of view in some point. However, i think protective lies are also not based on self interest; they are told for the welfare of others. For example, if a person has cancer, we shouldn’t tell him about it. We should tell him lie that he doesn’t have major disease. Hence, this won’t have any kind of self interest. Moreover, i think social lies can have side effects such as if we don’t tell a girl truth about her fancy dress, she might be embarassed in a party. That’s why i think sometimes it is necessary to tell the truth. In brief, your blog seemed to me very interesting.

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