Secret Lies

Everyone, at one point of his or her life might have told lies. Either very big or very small, lies are lies, and they are morally wrong; however, the essay, “The Truth of Telling Lies,” by Judith Viorst talks about those lies which we have encountered at one stage of our lives. I would like to share a story and ask whether telling a lie is better than telling a truth.

Boy: Doctor, I have relentless pain in my head. I feel like someone is hammering me. Please, help me.

Doctor: I am sorry, but the report says you are suffering from brain tumor.

Boy: What? It can’t be true. Are you joking?

Doctor: No, my dear. You are in the second stage, and that is why you have been feeling those headaches. I’ll prescribe you some medicine, please take those.

Boy: Will I be cured by those medicines?

Doctor: I cannot assure you, but it will help you get relieved from your pain.

Boy: No, doctor. I don’t need those medicines which cannot cure me. I am the only son of my father. My mother died when I was a child. Since then, my father is my world. His dreams are connected with me. I have come far from my city to study, and I cannot let him down.

Doctor: But you need to take these medicines.

Boy: Why doctor? God is so unfair. Today my father needs me. He has a weak heart and often becomes sick .He dreams that I will take over his business and be a successful man. Now, God is taking me away from him. I want you to promise me not to tell anyone about my disease.

Doctor: Ok! However, you have to come weekly to visit me because I have to examine you.
Boy: Ok.
Since then, he decided not to disclose his secret. Whenever he visited his house, he would act normal. Although his doctor forbade him to eat meat, he would never deny his father’s cooking. When his pain became severe, he would lock him in his room and would not come out until he felt relaxed. His condition was getting worst as he started bleeding from his mouth. Once while he was at home, he started having the ominous symptoms again. This time he could not resist and felt unconscious in front of his father. When he was taken to the doctor, they found that he was fighting against death at the final stage of tumor. His father’s heart was broken into pieces.

So friends, I would like to ask you all, was the boy’s lie acceptable? What would you do if you were in his situation?

2 Responses to Secret Lies

  1. phamtram says:

    This is a poignant story. If i were him, i would choose to do like him. Even though this lies can hurt my father more if the truth is divulged, i still choose to lie. I cannot see my father’s weak heart become weaker because of my disease. How about you?? What do you think???

  2. auwpriyanka says:

    I too agree with you. The boy has to face an impasse. If I were the boy, I would have chose to tell the protective lie. I cannot sacrifice my father’s life in order to save my own. He has been a world to me and has come across many ordeals for me. Today, it’s my turn to do my duty, and it would be selfish of me if I move back from my responsibility. However, it is a very difficult situation and our desicion is the main thing that will finally count in this case.

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