” Never Tell a Lie”

Since our childhood, we are being learnt from our parents and other elder people that we should not tell a lie at any circumstances, but most of us used to lie when our mothers asked, “Who broke this expensive flower vase?” or “Who had eaten all the sweets from the refrigerator?” If our parents and other elder members of our family had always tried to make us tell the truth all the time, from where we learnt how to tell a lie? Actually it is a bitter true that all the children learn how to tell a lie from the people who are around them. They can learn telling lies from the family where they are bringing up, from the classmates with whom they spend their school hours, and also even from the society. At first, in the family, for example, a child is playing near the phone place and a grown-up member of the family is sitting beside him lazily and watching TV. Suddenly a call comes, the child receives the call and someone has called the grown up. When the grown up understand that who has called him is the one who is very irritating, he tells the child to tell the caller, “The person you have called is not at home right now, and he did not tell exactly when he will return.” Surprisingly, before a while, this grown-up was teaching the child “Never tell a lie.” The child may not understand what is happening around him, but he can easily understand that it is the lies which can save one from uncomfortable and irritating situation. This is the way how a person learns how to tell a lie, and when to tell a lie in his childhood. It is a matter of sorrow that the child then starts to tell a lie when he feels that he will be in danger or in an uncomfortable situation if he tells the truth. He starts to tell lie to his teacher when he forgets to bring his homework to save himself. If it becomes the situation of our young generation, then how can we expect them as good citizens? It is the time to stop telling lie to make our young generation truthful.

One Response to ” Never Tell a Lie”

  1. phamtram says:

    Dear friend,
    I agree with you that we grown-up people accidentally teach young generation to tell lies. Moreover, it is not appropriate for us to aspire them not to tell lies. However, i think that telling lies is part of life. Indeed, without lies, we cannot live in harmony with others all the time. We also cannot protect our loved ones in special situations. Therefore, i think it’s better to teach young generations how to tell lies as last resort. What do you think?

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