No body is perfect. I do not think there is one single person who has not lied. Everyone lies; let it be a 5-year-old kid or an 80-year-old adult. I personally do not find anything wrong with lying. You may lie to please a person, which according to Judith Viorst is termed as “social lies” in her essay “The Truth about Lying.” Whenever our friends ask us questions like “How does my hair look?” or “Do you think these shoes look good on me?”, or “Do you like the color of my outfit?” it goes on and on. However, we, in order not to hurt their feelings, say things like, “Your new hairdo looks simply gorgeous,” or “It is awesome,” or “I love it,” or maybe “That color is so you.”

The questions are so simple and the answers are also simple, yet they are all lies. Your friend’s hairstyle may not look good or the outfit your friend is wearing may not be the “awesome thing,” but you tell them it is good because you do not want to hurt them. It is not like we are doing any crime. You lie to them to make them happy. It is in fact a good thing. Whenever my sister, who by the way is a total fashion freak, wears clothes that I think is total weird, I would never tell her it is weird or “not cool” because she worked so hard to put on a good outfit and if I tell her it looks bizarre, that would simply hurt her. Moreover, I cannot imagine staying feeling guilty because I called her hard work weird! See, we have to learn to appreciate others, even though it may seem a little out of world. A little lie will not hurt, right?

“Once you start lying, you will never stop lying,” many people often quote that, but I know it is not true. I lied once or maybe more than once, but I never kept on doing that. We can control what we say or not. We choose to lie sometimes for certain reason, but we do not do it 24/7 because one way or the other people will find out. I respect when some of my friends said lying all the time is not good, but being honest all the time is not good either. Viorst in her essay “The Truth about Lying” also stated that being morally upright constantly would make other people uneasy and may cause pain at times (181). I absolutely agree with her. Say, suppose someone you know tells you something that you do not desire to hear, an awful truth about you or maybe your family, would you say it was an act of honesty and appreciate that particular person? Or would you rather become indignant because let’s all face it, truth hurts sometimes and I don’t think everyone has the courage to handle truth.

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Student at the Asian University for Women.

One Response to Lies

  1. Dear Tandin,
    I enjoyed your post. You have well described about your views on lying. I also agree with you that if a little lie would not hurt anyone. However, I believe that telling truth often times can be a good option than telling lie. Like you have said, if your friend asks you how her new hairdo is or does her new outfit look good on her, you would prefer saying yes even if it is not to protect her from being hurt. Conversely, in this situation I would rather prefer telling her the truth if she is my good friend. May be my telling truth can hurt her for sometime or she may think I am an arrogant person, but it can save her from being laughed at from others. She believe I will not tell her lie that is why she asked me if she is looking good or not and in this case if I tell her lie to protect her from being hurt, she may be laughed at by others and can be hurt even more. Therefore, I believe often times telling truth is better option than telling lie. However, in some situation like not divulging my friend’s secret or protecting my brother from being found out his mistakes, I would prefer telling lie.

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