How many of us lie???

The dictionary meaning of ‘Lie’ is given as, “a false statement made with deliberate intend to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood.” The definition of the word Lie itself gives a negative connotation, but according to Judith Viorst, there are some grounds where telling a lie is
actually considered to be fine and is practiced in daily life. But not all lies are accepted in the society. Lies are categorizes into many namely  Social lies, Peace-Keeping Lies and Protective Lies and Trust-Keeping Lies.

For a person to lie has always been seen as a negative character in that individual but after reading Viorst‘s article “The Truth about Lying,” it has increased my perception of how lying has positive sides as well. A lie differs with situation and also to whom we are telling a lie.

We all have lied on one way or the other. For example, To save our friend from not getting hurt we tell white lies, for instance, if a friend
asks us how is his/her new dress then we answer that it’s nice and looks good on him/her. Some lies are obvious, when someone asks us how are we, we answer them that we are fine even though we aren’t.  I remember, last time I was sick and I was admitted in the Health Center for almost a week. I received phone calls from home but I didn’t tell them about my situation here. I lied saying that I am fine and I am attending the classes regularly. This lie is not a harmful lie. This lie is better than the truth. If I had told them that I am sick and I have been admitted in the health center for almost a week, my parents will be worried about me. My parents can’t come to see me within hours, since they are so far from me; all they can do is get worried about my health, telling a small lie is better than the truth, in situations like this.

On the other hand, lying is not always good. In the beginning we tell a small lie and later to hide that lie we create another lie.  Again, to maintain those lies we create chains of lie and in the end it leads to no good consequences. I remember telling my father that I got good marks in one of the class tests. Then he asked me to bring that paper so that he can see it, I told him that the teacher took it back after we had a glance at the paper. But actually, the paper was with me and I had failed in that paper. The day after that, one of my cousins came to my house and my father found out that the paper was given to the students by the teacher. And later in the evening, my dad asked me politely about the papers and I was sincerely creating some more lies and adding more to hide what I had said before. At the end of it all, I got scolding and punishment too, since he knew that I was only lying all the time.

“I am willing to lie. But just as a last resort—the truth’s always better” (Viorst 185).

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