Good Models

To show what we have learnt from our “Critical Thinking” book, it would be good to apply them in our daily readings. In this book, the readers are requested to dare themselves and criticize others even if they are important persons. Consequently, I want to criticize Vasant Moon’s autobiography, Growing Up Untouchable in India. In this autobiography, the author seems to have the inclination to explain everything as much as he wants. Frankly speaking, sometimes you find yourself reading the things that are almost similar to each other and unnecessary. For example, in the chapter, “Heat and Rain,” Moon keeps telling about how he and his friends used to hang around, pick fruit, and eat them, or how the weather was. While reading the first pages you might enjoy because you can imagine boys, the weather and the neighborhood but little by little the story gets boring and you might feel tired since the whole pages are just describing the weather and children. In other chapters, you face the same problem too. While you expect to get to know about some serious matters, he starts talking about his mother’s memories, his neighbors, and some people that he had seen before, the girl who knew swimming and some unnecessary things. He includes these stories, while you can hardly find any link between them and the main point that he is talking about. This characteristic or fault leads the mind toward one conclusion: Although the author may have a lot to say, he or she should not forget the readers capacity and patience. A pattern or story can be effective when readers’ time, need, capacity and necessity of contexts are considered. Putting aside all of these negative comments and ideas I must confess that, his autobiography is so touching and informative. Moreover, sometimes the usage of Hindi words takes you closer to the community and neighborhood that he used to live in. To sum it up all, it would be appreciated to mention that all of the subjects that we study not only can be a good source of information but also they are good models for our writings. These models can teach us how to write.

One Response to Good Models

  1. meihuilan says:

    A great use of critical thinking skills! You are a very good student!
    However, perhaps we shouldn’t criticize too much in some situations, but we should always remind ourselves to think things from different point of views, which is the most important thing, I guess.

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