Comparison Between Our Young Leaders and Previous Activists

Our Academic Reading and Writing teacher Ms. Fatema has chosen a nice non-fiction genre for us to read in Term 3. Her selected autobiography Growing Up Untouchable in India by Vasant Moon is very interesting. The more I am going to the deeper part of this autobiography, the more I am enjoying it.

Especially in chapter 7-8, I’ve enjoyed a lot reading different actions of the activists of the Samata Sainik Dal. However, at the same time I’ve felt devastated thinking that activists of the present time in Bangladesh are not as humane as those activists of the past. For example, in the chapter “Shooting Star”, Vasant Moon described how Chagan and Lila, children of his grandfather’s close friend, Gopal, were helped by the activists. In spite of being meritorious, they were coerced to leave school because of not being able to pay school fees. When they shared their sorrows with college student Moon, Moon organized a campaign to collect money with the help of the activists of the Dal. Afterwards giving this money to school, they got readmitted in the school. Such kinds of activities of the Dal were indispensable to create a generous community. In the same way, we should also help the poor intelligent students of our country to make our country beautiful. Nevertheless, such activities are not valuable to the young activists of our county. Our young activists are busy with gaining their self-interests; they’re busy with oiling the political leaders so that in the future, they can achieve a good position in the party. Hence, whenever I think about the movements of our activists, I feel bitterly disappointed.

Another activity that has moved me deeply was the attempt taken by the Samata Sainik Dal knowing the miserable economic condition of Moon’s family. When the militants of the Dal found out the economic condition of Moon, they called a meeting of the employed members of the Dal. In the meeting, they took the decision that Moon would go to their house with an empty bowl after eight o’clock at night. Their wives would give him food for his family, but the most touching thing is that they had never given him leftover or stale food. The food he received from these families was always fresh and hot. These activists not only gave him food but also provided him books and notebooks for education. They never thought that they were doing him a favor rather they believed that it’s their duty. Thank god that Moon isn’t a poor child of this time. If he were, our activists would definitely help him by providing food. However, I doubt about how much it will be fresh and hot. Besides, activists will think that they are doing him a favor; they will never think that it’s their duty.

Thus, I feel absolutely devastating when I ponder the activities of our young leaders. Won’t they ever change? Won’t we be able to change our society, our country???


One Response to Comparison Between Our Young Leaders and Previous Activists

  1. roksanahasib says:

    Hi Nusrat,
    I can understand your frustration about the present leaders of Bangladesh as i am also from the same country. It is really sad that people don’t take the responsibility of a leader or of any activists as dedicatedly as they used to take before. I think is’t same about most of the countries of the world. Now people don’t believe in their leaders. They have lost all their faith. However, you don’t need to feel so devastated since we still have a chance to make a difference. You and me, we can make a difference and we can change this present condition. If we can be the leader of the future, we can represent the the dedicated and honest leaders of past.
    I hope you’ll agree with me.

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