Classified Lies

Social Lies
Jenisha (employee): Boss, your flowery shoe matches with your dress. You look so pretty.
Boss : Thank you Jenisha.
{Results: Boss can choose Jenisha among others while promoting the employees}.

Husband: No honey, you still look young, and this dress suits on your figure.
Wife: Oh really! Thank you dear. I too think in that way. Few gray hairs will not make me look old.
{Result: That night, at dinner, wife will cook special dinner for her husband}.

Girl on a party: Your new hairstyle is hot.
Boy: I am glad you liked it.
{Result: Boy will have soft corner for her from that night onwards}.

Peace Keeping Lies
Mother: Where did you buy this? I only gave you $150, but it seems it cost $400. Did you again borrow money with your friends?              Daughter: No mom, these pair of shoes were on sales. I bought it for $100 only.
{Result: Mother will look at the shoes and she will  it on her own feet}.

Girlfriend: How can you forget my birthday?
Boyfriend: Baby, how can I forget your birthday? I was about to call you and give you a surprise with a cake and chocolates; unfortunately, all the cakes were out of stock in GEC shops.”
{Result: Girlfriend will forgive him for this time}.

Protective Lies
Dad: Does your friend smoke? He smelled horrible when he passed near by me.
Son: No dad, actually his father smokes, and he has been hanging out with his father for the whole day.
{Results: Dad will generate a positive attitude towards his son’s friend}.

Conservative Uncle: Is your teacher gay?
Niece: No, he isn’t. He is just pretending to be like Brittany Murphy whose biography we are reading about.
{Result: Conservative Uncle will not interfere again when niece is taking her classes with the teacher}.

A daughter: Mom, why doesn’t dad come to visit us?
Divorcee mother: No honey, he is just too busy with his official works.
{Results: Daughter will develop a positive attitude towards her father}.

Trust Keeping Lies
Ayush: Do you know why Rohan proposed my girlfriend?
Bijay: Hey Ayush, Rohan never knew that you two were dating each other.
{Result: There is less chances of fight taking place between Bijay and Ayush}.

Teacher: Do anyone know why Seema is absent on this class, but she was there in Ms. Zena class?
Students: Sir, she suddenly fell sick, so she went to health center to take some rest.
{Result: Teacher will mark sick instead of absent in the attendance sheet}.

One Response to Classified Lies

  1. fmoriam says:

    They way you illustrated the classifications of lying is really interesting. I had fun reading the diologes. You add a new classification of conservative lies, which is fair enough. You know what, I get so confused among protective lies, peace-keaping lie, and trust-keeping lies. All seem to me the same. By the way, the second example of conservative lies doesn’t seem to me as a conservative lie. In what way it is conservative?

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