Bangladeshi Manners

         The article “The Anthropology of Manners” by Edward T. Hall has given me an immense knowledge of different kinds of manners of different cultures. While I was reading the article, the observation of time and space according to people of different cultures and countries encouraged me to write something about the perception of time and space of the Bangladeshi people as I think this writing will help my foreigner friends to live in Bangladesh without any trouble.

          First, I want to tell you about the perception of time of the Bangladeshi people. It is a usual matter in our day to day life to be late for a couple of minutes in any kind of encounter. If you have a scheduled meeting with a Bangladeshi, and if she does late, never think that she will not come. Wait for a while; she will come after a couple of minutes. You can mind for this kind of carelessness, but it is an accepted manner in our country. However, if that person is not able to meet with you, she will of course make a phone call to you. Therefore, you need not lose your temper experiencing such kind of situation.

        Second, the idea of Bangladeshi people about keeping personal and architectural spaces may seem peculiar to you. Although Bangladesh is not a conservative country, people do not like the idea that girls and boys will walk very close to each other if they are not married couples. Don’t try to handshake with a boy because people don’t like it. In these cases, the sense of keeping personal space is very sensitive. However, sometimes your Bangladeshi friend may keep her arms on your shoulders to show affection, and you may feel confused, but it’s also a usual behavior here. Again, if you go to visit any Bangladeshi friend, her mom or grandma may hug you before leaving their house. Don’t be hesitated. It’s a manner to say farewell to the guests. Keep in mind that in these cases the sense of keeping personal space is very close. Now, if you see a vast open space in front of a Bangladeshi house, never be surprised. All the Bangladeshi people prefer to keep a vast architectural space in their houses.

          Finally, although our sense of time or space is different from yours, Bangladeshi people will never want to make trouble with a foreigner, so don’t be confused.



2 Responses to Bangladeshi Manners

  1. ansadhikari says:

    Hey Papun,
    Thankyou for sharing your ideas about your culture. I would not like to call myself as a “foreigner, ” but I like the way you are helping us to cope in Bangladesh. I feel quite akward when I do not see women roaming around. Is it Bangladeshi culture? If yes, then, I guess, there may be lot of woman who want to change their culture.Sometimes, women are taken as granted in the name of culture. Is should not be like that. It is true that the differenciations beween gender exist in every society, but the degree of the differenciations depend upon women themselves. None of the initiatives is easy, but if we are persevere in our thought then we can be the epitome of courage. At last but not the least, sometimes we may be compelled to follow what our elders say, but we must also know how toanswer them. We must be able to give them reasons about our thinking and willingness.
    See you,
    Goodnight 🙂

  2. kalpana23 says:

    Hi Papun!
    Thank you very much indeed for sharing some of your Bangladeshi culture and perception. It is more or less similar to that in Nepal except the issue about shaking hands with opposite sexes. Therefore, I hope I can persevere any kind of situation in Bangaldeshi society, provided that language is the main problem.

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