A Little Help – A Turning Point

In Growing up Untouchables in India, Vasant Moon writes, “Even a little help can transform life so much.” To support this argument, he mentions a story of his grandfather’s friend, Gopal Phuljhele’s children. After the demise of Phuljhele, his family had to overcome with economic downfall, so it became very difficult for his children to continue their education. In fact, they were expelled from school due to overdue fee. Therefore, Vasant Moon, with the help of Changdev Vasnik, helped those children readmitted to their school. Unfortunately, Phuljhele’s younger son, Chagan, died at an early age because of cancer. Nevertheless, Phuljhele’s daughter, Lila, continued her education and became a doctor. Thus, it seems like Moon helped Lila in a trifle circumstance, but it became the turning point of her life.


The similar event took place in my life too. Actually, I even today do not understand if it was my good fortune to have an encounter with Mr. Madhav Lal Maharjan, a selflessly benevolent social worker. Actually, I met him in an Interschool Oratory Competition entitled “Child Labor and My Role to Alleviate it,” in which I secured second position. I guess my encounter with him has become a turning point in my life.


Since I met Mr. Maharjan, he has been the one who supported and fostered me to live an independent life. For example, he was the one who informed me about Asian University for Women. I am much impressed by his ideology of making me independent. He just told the name of the organization, PAHAL, in Nepal having an affiliation with AUW. However, he did not tell me where the organization was and how to get there. He just told me the name and told me to find it out by myself by the evening of that day. First of all, I did not have any idea how to find the address; I asked my some elders, but they had no idea. Later, I thought of surfing it in the Internet, and finally I got the address and went to PAHAL for some inquiries.


Hence, only because he gave me information about this university, I came to know about it and became a student. After coming here, I feel like I am independent like a bird in the sky away from any control. In brief, Mr. Maharjan’s single information brought a drastic change in my life.

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I am a student.

One Response to A Little Help – A Turning Point

  1. auwpriyanka says:

    Hey Kalpana,
    Your story is really interesting. It was good to know that a person like Mr. Maharjan also exists in this selfish world. He had really been kind and supportive to you.Your endeavor to come here became successful and it is good to know that you have achieved what you had desired.

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