The Truth about Lying

I think any kind of lying is morally wrong and making excuses by categorizing lying as social lying, peace keeping lying, trust keeping lying, and protective lying does not make sense. People say that sometime lying can be considered as the best thing to do in order to make others happy, to prevent others from feeling embarrass, to prevent others from unexpected events like dying, and to maintain peace among people. People consider these lies as white lies, but what I think is that there is no existence of white lies. Lying in any circumstances cannot be considered as positive thing as these lies never benefit people. In contrast, they make condition more complicated and delicate.

People often say that we need to lie in order to make others happy. For example, people often say “you are looking awesome today” in order to make other person happy and gain positive response as reward. Some people may like positive responses while some may feel embarrass by these positive comments. In addition, it depends on a person how he or she takes fake comments. Some people think these fake comments as unnecessary buttering and dislike the person who uses these fake comments. So, I think it is better not to praise other through fake positive comments.

People often lie in order to prevent quarrels among people. I think it is not good to lie to settle quarrel among people since lying in order to settle quarrel sometimes may involve person who lies, and it may lead to a big fight. So, it is better to settle quarrel with truth so that it could be settled permanently without involving a third person.

People say that it is good to say “you look pretty with new dress” in spite of looking worst than ever when other person asked to comment on his or her dress. However, I think it is better to say truth rather than praising someone with false comment. It is better if a single person gives idea about his or her worst looking rather than he or she becomes a funny person among mass of people.

It is often said that it is okay to lie if it could save life of someone, but I think it is better to say truth since everyone has to face truth in any situation. If it is hidden today, it could reveal at any time and hurt that person more than ever. In addition, we all know that telling lies is not easy, it too hurts oneself.

So, I think lying can never be a positive thing, and it is not a good idea to make excuses for lying by saying “I lied for the sake of other happiness or comfort” since lying neither comforts a person who lies nor a person who listens someone lying.

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