Response to the “Death of a Salesman”

Seed is one of the symbols in the drama entitled “Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller. Seed is a symbol of possibility, and chance of getting something from it. Although Willy Loman, one of the major characters of this drama, was failure both as a salesman and as a father, he had a hope of doing something for the welfare of his offspring. He took seeds as his last hopes for doing that. Seeds were represented in Willy’s life as his last hopes. Willy worked hard all his life-long, but got nothing except betrayal. He was self-deceived by himself. At the end of his life, he understood all he had done was just nothing but like planting seeds in a field where there was no sunlight. How could one yield anything from that type land? It was the harsh truth which Willy Loman got to know at the end. That realization led him to plant vegetable seeds in the adjoined field of his house, but it was just like the task which he had done before through his life. Seeds symbolized the failure of Willy’s American dreams. Those dreams just showed the abstract picture of material success. People ran though for this; some people could get this, some could not. Willy belonged to the second group. He aspired to gain the material success, and tangible achievement. When he got to know that he failed to do this, he loose his mental balance. Was it the definition of ‘material success’ which lead a person to the imbalance position? This question caused me to think that what was the actual solution? Material success made people impatient to get ‘something successful’ as soon as possible. People forgot the ethical values to get that. Will Loman was the example of this. However, his neighbor Charley never let his son aspiring to the material success which brought nothing but just frustration. That was why maybe his son was able to make him as a successful person.

The writer clearly shows that what the consequence of being impatient to achieve material success is. It is not the solution of being successful in this world. Patience and intelligence make a person successful in that perception.


4 Responses to Response to the “Death of a Salesman”

  1. phamtram says:

    Dear friend,
    I am really impressed by your bog. However, i have some disagreement with you. You said that Willy got nothing except betrayal. Can you elaborate this idea because for me, Willy himself betrayed others? Moreover, i thought that it was Charley who concerned about material success because he mentioned a man who was famous due to his affluence and materials. I am glad that we have some disagreements so that we can understand the play clearly.

  2. I support both of your views. I think Willy was betrayed as well as he betrayed others. According to drama, Willy was promised not to be fired from his job, but he was fired from his job as well as his salary was cut off. In the other hand, he had an extra marrital affair. So, he was betrayed in his job as well as he betrayed his own family by having an extra marrital affair.

  3. kalpana23 says:

    I am really much impressed by your blog entry. You are absolutely right that patience and intelligence are two crucial secrets of success. However, at times, people’s minds become so dumb that they do not have any idea how to overcome certain circumstances. Maybe in that situatuion, they just have to sedate down themselves and think about the most appropriate possible solution.

    Regarding betrayal, I do agree with Srijana that Willy was deceived by others as well as he deceived his family. However, I do not find any link between betrayal and his life time incessant hard work. Moreover, regarding m’material success,’ Charley was successful to achive it, but Willy, no matter how much he longed for it, could not succeed.

  4. nusrat4 says:

    Samia, i have enjoyed reading your blogs. However, i too agree with Kalpana that Willy was not only been betrayed but also a betrayal. I nthink the solution is to give up such kind of thoughs about material success. You are right material success most of the time causes imbalance situation.
    Your blog is really interesting. However, i did not understand one thing. You wrote that material success caused frustration to Charley. How? Can you explain it? I think he was happy with his material success. Above all, you did a great job!!!

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