Willy should not have committed suicide.

                 According to my interpretation, I suppose Willy could have made some other decisions other than deciding to commit suicide because committing suicide resembles a cowardly act. Moro over, it also suggests that Willy is not satisfied with what he had: his wife, boys and other properties that he owned. He could have done something else other than making this drastic decision and putting his family in to trouble. He could have chosen another path out of the thousands of options that a person can chose in order to live successfully.

                The first option that I can suggest is that he and his boys could have opened a new business and run that together.  They could have initiated with a small scale business and eventually expand that in to an extreme one and thereby they could have owned a family business.  This will allow them to have more interconnected family bonds and closeness. Moreover, this will automatically solve Biff’s problem as well, the fact that he did not have a proper job.  

                 The second option is that Willy could have agreed with Charley’s appointment and worked with him though he did not like.  If he had managed to work with Charley, some how he could have changed his positions in the future during his work days.  He and Charley could have spoken that in a smooth manner and decided for the better future.

                  If not, my third suggestion is that he could have at least mad his mind satisfy with what he had; he could have thought that enough is enough and not to bother too much about money and other material success. 

                  However, he did not have any sort of shortages in his life other than his over imaginations in unending hopes.  Willy could have survived for some more days and live with his family. I think he has chosen the worst path a man could do to find a permanent solution to all his problems rather than trying to cope with the existing situation.

One Response to Willy should not have committed suicide.

  1. tausifa says:

    Dear Mumthaj,
    I agree to your proposal. Willy didn’t make the right decision. As they didn’t have enough money to begin a family business, I suggest joing to Charley’s job. He was such an arrogant! But see, he was begging his job to Howard, and at that time, he didn’t feel embarassed. He was a strange character.

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