Willy and his Extra-Marital Affair

In Arthur Miller’s play, “The Death of a Salesman”, Willy Loman was engaged in extra marital affair with another woman despite having a supporting wife. As he used to feel lonely outside his home in his workplace, he was in search for a company so that he can get relief from his stress. Even though he didn’t have heavy salary, he was squandering his money in such diversion. If we look this situation in the perspective of his wife, she did not know what he had been doing beside her back. If she had found him involving in something so wicked, she would have not forgiven him or she might have given divorced to him. On the other hand, if we look this situation on the perspective of Willy, he didn’t commit any crime. He was just fulfilling his desire of sex. What if he was not in relationship with that woman? May be his life in the work place would be bland with only work and no recreation.

Similarly, Willy was a man with infinite desires and hopes. He wished if he had been rich as his brother, and also wished to be paid much more than he deserves. Due to his never ending desires, he was suffering with mental torture with turned to be an illness. Without the intake of any psychoactive substances, he used to hallucinate. In his hallucination too, he used to meet his brother and talk about his economic problems. Similarly, if he hadn’t mention about his extra marital affair during hallucination, his son Biff would not have known about it. Therefore, as long as his wife was unknown about his relationship with another woman, nothing had changed; for example, neither his dreams of thinking about his family changed, nor his relation with his wife changed. However, he was once devastated when he saw his wife was mending her old torn stockings. It really made him mad as he reminisced about gifting stockings to his girlfriend. In this situation we can see an effect of his extra marital affair in his marital life.

According to me, we can blame neither Willy nor his wife for his extra marital affair.Additionally, he was not in long term relation with his girlfriend and it was not mentioned that he was not satisfied with his marital life. Similarly, he was not in love with his girlfriend; she was only there to entertain him while he was alone. If he had desires of sex and if he had not been involved in affair, he might have committed crime, something like rape. In addition, he would never be free from his mental stress in his work place as well. Furthermore, he might have thought that his short term relationship would not hamper his marital life, but through his conversation with the woman while hallucinating we can see that he had a feeling of guilt hidden inside.

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