Willy’s Suicide Note!

Dear Linda, Biff, and Happy,

When you are reading this note, I am far away from you forever. Before leaving from this cruel world, I would like to tell you something that I never told you before, and for my whole life, I had been feeling guilty for that.

Sweetheart Linda,

I don’t know how I can express my love, my gratitude to you. You are the one who was always by my side during my rainy days. Our family was surrounded with a circle made of your love and affection.  Perhaps, to you, I was innocent like an angel. The way you loved me could only be compared to the way people worship the god. But…….oh poor Linda! I can’t tell you……but I’ve to …..darling, please stop crying for this stupid husband who betrayed with your innocent love. Believe me, I am not the god whom you worshipped. I am a devil, Linda! Yes, I am! You don’t know, I had an extra marital affair with a woman, and I used to give her stockings when you had to mend your own stockings. Oh Linda! I deceived with you! Can you forgive me, Linda? I couldn’t bring material success for my family; my whole life was an empty vessel- full of self-deception and false pride. I couldn’t lead this vain life anymore, so I made the decision of committing suicide. After my death, you’ll get the insurance money, and Biff can begin his own business with that amount. I hope that will be enough for you to lead a solvent life. Take care of yourself and my sons, darling. May Jesus take care of you. Bye.

Your Willy

Biff, my son,

I know you hate me very much. I always treated badly with you, but Biff, this is not the character of a father. You never tried to understand my love for you. I always insulted you for your failure to be a successful person because I wanted my son to be the best in the society. I wanted you to be famous, Biff. I know how much I hurt you by cheating with your mother. I am guilty for that, Biff. Can you please forgive me, Biff? I was responsible for your life, wasn’t I? How frustrating it was seeing my own son destroying his life for only my faults! Now, Biff, your pop has made a good decision. I destroyed your spirit, and I am giving you another spirit sacrificing my own life. After my death you’ll get the insurance money. Please, use the money to begin your own business. Take care of your mom and Happy. May you be successful in your life. Bye.

Your Pop

Happy, my boy,

I admit that I was indifferent to you, and I was always more concerned about Biff than you. Do you know why? Because I knew if Biff could be a famous man, he would never abandon you. I believed he would also make your life successful. Now, your pop is leaving you forever, but Happy, do obey your brother Biff, and never hurt your mother. May Jesus bless all of you. Bye.

Your pop

2 Responses to Willy’s Suicide Note!

  1. rstha says:

    dear Tausifa,
    Your innovation is worth appreciating. I really liked the end of the play though it is a sad ending. Indeed, Willy would have expressed all his feelings if he was to leave a suicide note explaining how much sorry he was for his wife and his children. However, he had always tried to do something which is beneficial for his family. He even committed suicide learning about the help their sons will get from the insurance money they will receive after Willy’s death. I wander why didn’t the writer gave a concrete ending to the play.

  2. iratahmid says:

    Dear Tausifa,
    I read your blog “Willy’s Suicide Note”. I thing both of us write the same thing. I enjoy your writing. It is really a good writing. I think you completely express Willy’s feeling for his family. Additionally, I like mostly that you wrote one separate note for each of them.For that his love for his every family member express most. Well done.

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