Willy’s Last Note for Linda

Dear Linda,

In my childhood I have learned hope is the oil of life.
Without hope life does not move. Though I have already known that nothing good
will come, every morning when I wake up from my bed, I fill my heart with hope and
expect that something better will be happen. In some way, I deceive myself
every day because I want to live and bring happiness for our family.

When I think what I have gained in my whole life, I find nothing, nothing. No fame, no respect, and
no money. I tricked you, Linda. I am a liar. Linda, I just want you to say
sorry to you. I am really sorry. You don’t know that I had an extra marital
affair. I am not a good husband. I am not eligible for your faith. . I should
have not done this to you. Even I am not a good father also. I destroyed Biff’s
faith on me. He came to hate me because I cheated his mother. I demolished his

I want to let you know another thing that I can see those
people who do not exist at present. I know Ben isn’t alive, but he always comes
and talks to me. I think something wrong is happening to me.

Tell Biff and Happy that I love them more than I love myself.
I want them to succeed in their lives, but they need money to start their own
business, Loman Brothers business. How can I arrange money for them? I have no
savings. I am feeling guilty, so I don’t want to show my face to you and them anymore.

Lastly, please don’t misunderstand my rationale of demise. I
am not escaping from my duties, but I choose the best way to accomplish it. I
know suicide isn’t a good idea to solve our problems. Actually, I am also
confused whether my decision to commit suicide is good or bad, but when I think
about what I’ll receive by doing so, I find completion of my unfinished duties.
I don’t want to create any other problem for you; therefore, I choose a car
accident to commit suicide. After my death, take the insurance money and tell Biff
and Happy to start their new business with that money and fulfill my dream. My
soul I’ll be satisfied while I see them succeed in their life.

Forgive me if you can……………………….

Your Willy

About iratahmid
I am a student of Asian University for Women.

One Response to Willy’s Last Note for Linda

  1. vythai says:

    I forgive you about your affair with another woman. It is not because of your death; rather, it is because I love you. Even though I understand the intention, I am still devastated. You don’t have to do like that. For me, you are great, and you are not my burden as you see. I know You want goodness for Biff and Happy, if only you could understand their definition of happiness. If only you were not so pessimistic. However, I think they have realised your motivation. I believe they will fulfill your dream one day. Then you will be happy, and I will be happy too.

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