What Happen to a Dream Deferred?

I have never really thought about how desperately I want my
dreams to be true or how necessary it is for me to fulfill my every dream. The
only one thing I knew and care about is that I love to dream and it is what
makes my life beautiful and meaningful.


However, while reading the poem “A Dream Deferred” by Langston
Hughes, I have started to ponder about my own dreams and what has happened to
them as I delayed them. I asked myself, “What happened to my dreams deferred?”
Are they now rotten and died? Are they still filling me with same sensation
like before or they have just lost their appeal for me?


The answer I got is no. My dreams are neither rotten nor do
they stink. They are still as fresh and inspiring as they were before, in fact
even more. Therefore, I agree with the poet’s positive part about deferring


Dreams are dreams until they don’t become a part of reality.
If every dream becomes true and real instantly than it won’t be a dream
anymore. It will no more have the same desire and appeal in our heart as it
usually has when we think about our dreams to become true. I have always
noticed one thing in our human attitude that no matter how desirable the thing
is as soon we get that it starts to lose its appeal for us. It is not different
for the dreams. As soon as we fulfill our one dream, the dream loses all of its
connections with our beautiful world of imagination because then it becomes a
part of our real life. Then we start to dream of other things to fulfill the
empty place in our world of imagination since it is the thing that motivates us
to struggle and go on in our life with hope.


We are human because have dreams and power of imagination.
Without dreams human life is nothing but a river with no direction to go. It is
our dreams that give us a direction to go, show us our way, and give us meaning
to be alive. Like the way a river flows to a certain direction with the hope
that one day it will be able to meet the sea, our deferred dreams propel us to
move forward in life with the hope to fulfill it someday. And that is what
makes life happier because the desire and imagination of fulfilling a dream is
more pleasant than reality of seeing it becoming true.


Therefore, I want to say that — when a dream deferred, it
becomes dry like raisin in sun that makes it sweeter than ever. When a dream
deferred, it becomes crust and sugar over like a syrupy sweet that enhance its
taste like never before.

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