The Moment of Farewell

Linda is sitting in front of Willy’s grave, she cries and repeats Willy’s name bitterly. Willy, who is about to leaving the world, is staring at Linda, sadly, from the depth of this heart, saying:

                Linda, don’t cry. Even though I know that you can’t see me now, I still have a terrible feeling when I see your tears. You know what? I’m not the man who is worthy of your tears. I’m really sorry, Linda, really. I married you without the guarantee of a peaceful life. I exploited your patience, your kindness, and even the loyalty of our marriage. I don’t know what made me do so, but I did feel very bad when I gave your stockings to that woman. The more you treated me well, the stronger feeling of guilty I had; then, I used to shout at you and be angry with you to drive the guilty of betrayal away. I can’t think anyone else who is fool like me in the world, Linda. However, please trust me that you are the only woman I love in my whole life. I’m sorry that I have to leave you, but it is the only way I can think to make you free from suffering. I want to thank you for your company and understanding, and I want to let you remember that I will do whatever you want me to do if we have the chance to meet again in the other life. I swear I will never let any sad tears come from your eyes anymore, ever.

Noticing Biff and Happy are disappearing from his sight, Willy wipes his face, continuing:

                Linda, please tell Biff that I’m sorry for all the things I have done to him. I cared too much about success and pride. I always wanted to make him prodigy since I was stuck in the dream of being a successful salesman like the 84-year-old man I met, which was terribly wrong. I was proud of Biff when he was a great football player; now, I am still proud of him because he is a great son who lit the light to show me the dark side of my expectation and hopes. As for Happy, I don’t know what I should say to him. He should be angry with me since I have already abandoned him somewhere. But believe me, I didn’t intentionally ignore him, I just…I just expected Biff to be a good model and then Happy would follow him. I felt hurt when I saw Happy crying for my leaving; I’m really sorry for the things I did. Linda, tell them, even though I was not a good father, they are great boys, my great boys…Farewell, darling. Farewell, my sons.

Willy turns around without hesitation. “We’re free… We’re free…” Linda’s crying is gone with the wind. Willy gives a hug to Ben, who is smiling to him, saying, “Yes, we’re free. All of us are free…” 

One Response to The Moment of Farewell

  1. phamtram says:

    You make me cry.
    You make me moved.
    You make me sympathetic with them.
    I hope that Willy can say these words before his demiss so that everyone can understand him.

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