Mr. Willy Loman

In the play “Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller, I really
love the character Willy Loman. He plays the role of a father to his two sons
Biff and Happy. At first, I had the thought that he was very dominating and exploiting
his masculine superiority over his passionate wife Linda. Moreover, he appeared
to be a person always complaining about everything. He complained about his
sons not having a proper vocation. He also seemed to be crazy and a very short
tempered man. He also had extra-marital affair besides his wife Linda. He
provided stockings to his mistress, whereas his wife used the old mended stockings.
Conversely, after having read the play, I came to realize that Willy was a very
concerned and dedicated father. Well, I can say that he was wrong for having
affair with another woman, but he felt guilty for what he had done.  Additionally, he got angry with his elder son
Biff because being a father; he was concerned about his child and his future. When
Biff wasn’t settled even at the age of thirty four worried Willy so much. As a
result, his affection and concerns turned into anger. One of the biggest things
he did was sacrificing his life for his family. Some says that committing
suicide was an act of being a coward, but I believe that he was not a coward. Death
is something that cannot be played with and everyone fear death. However, Willy
was very determined and strong enough to die for the benefit of his family. His
main intention was to get insurance for his death and let Biff become a
salesman.  We might think it was foolish
of him to commit suicide. He could have worked for Charley who offered him a job,
but his pride didn’t let him to accept the job. Most often, pride can lead us
to different way. Moreover, it was during the time of the Great Depression, so committing
suicide and getting insurance was the only way to fulfill his dream of making
Biff a salesman. After knowing the rationale behind his death, I really
appreciated him. His action showed how much he cared for his family. Now, my
image of Willy has completely changed from a proudly and wild man to a
dedicated and an ambitious man willing to face death in order to fulfill his
dreams and hopes.

2 Responses to Mr. Willy Loman

  1. mumthaz says:

    haha, Denkar, it seems that you and I are having the two extreme points of veiw. What ever I have said that Willy should have done appears bad, whereas what I have told that Willy sould not have done appears to be the best decision from your perspective. 😦 That’s fine as far as he can make his family and himself happy, yet what about his life? Did he have a chance to accomplish what he wanted? Do you think life without accomplishment is a success or an acheivement? Anyway, well said Denkar… looking forward to seeing many more intersting and contrasting ideas from you.. 🙂

  2. shinyday14 says:

    Hi, Dear friend. Yes, you are right! Indeed, I found Willy a caring and dedicated father too. He was the one who had given his life to his sons to make their future life. To understand how he could feel when he was observing his son, Biff, and unsettled man without a family and a suitable job, we have to put ourselves in his shoes. Of course, it is devastating to find ourselves in an impasse, no money, no job, and no hope. However, I believe that what prompted him to commit suicide was being hopeless and helpless. He had reached to a dead-ended road and had no way to back, so he not only accepted his death but also he chose to meet it by himself.
    In general, he was a man of caring and emotion and that made him so sensetive that could not accept the new job offering and got him to kill himself.

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