“The Anthropology of Manners” by Edward T. Hall is really a very useful reading to understand what and how do we humans behave and deal with others. Moroever, it also can be learnt how to behave. The main theme of this essay is maintaining manners with respect to time and space. It is important to have good manners because it plays vital role in getting closer or farther than the people. Often it is said that first impression is the last impression. In order to maintain good impression on others, we should be able to make the first impression good. To present oneself in front of others is an easy task but presenting oneself in a way that impressess others is a very difficult task. In order to know what others expect and how they can be impressed, we should know the differences between ourselves and others. This essay by giving various examples of valuing time and space with respect to various countries, clearly exemplifies the difficulties we can face if we are unknowm about the people and their culture.

Talking about manners, I still remember when my mom and dad used to teach me how to do something, why to do and how to do. If I have to be specific then the images are very vivid till now. When I was around 8 years old I was having my dinner. That day my aunt had come to visit and was staying that night. I still can’t help myself laughing when I happen to remember one incident. I was talking to my brother with my mouth full. Suddenly, a small piece of potato from my mouth went to my brother’s plate. My brother and I started to fight on that incident. Then my dad tied me and my brother with the same rope in a pillar for one hour and scolded me for being irresponsible. Since I am the elder one I was always supposed to be silent and understanding. That night my dad scolded me and told me not to speak with mouth full. That day I learned that it is bad manner to speak loudly while eating and specially with full mouth we are not supposed to talk.

Manners can’t be forcefully taught but it is learned from our mistakes. Since our childhood, our family, parents, society and even our friends, in various ways, teach us how to behave properly. It is true that it is difficult to be known about others culture and values but having politeness and respect for each others can reduce the problems occurred due to differences. Good manners always doesn’t necessarily mean we should know and understand others and behave propely but respecting the differences and each others.


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