How Does the Feeling of Discrimination Emerge?

    Arthur Miller’s play the “Death of a Salesman” presents a family of the 1930s where the members struggle to increase the income of their family so as to live a comfortable life. Willy and his wife, Linda, have two sons: Happy and Biff. Willy appreciates Biff for his popularity as he is well known football player. Willy always encourages Biff and bear positive thoughts about his son’s future. His attention towards Biff made Happy keep doing things in order to grab his father’s attention. This known or unknown negligence of Willy compels Happy to remain indifferent about his father’s condition and life. I have seen such behaviors or differences created between siblings and their parents in many families.

 For an instance, my aunt has two sons — one is older than me and the other is younger. My elder brother is an extrovert; on the other hand, my younger brother is an introvert. As my elder brother has been sociable since his childhood, my aunt shares all family matters with him. However, my younger brother never responded to what was said when he was young. My aunt’s greater focus on my elder brother has made my younger brother feel that he is being avoided by his mother. I wonder, is it my aunt who is discriminating between her sons or is it my brother who is feeling discriminated against? My aunt feels that her younger son doesn’t enjoy talking or listening about family matters for he is very reserved by nature. However, my younger brother feels that he should be informed about everything which is informed to his older brother being a part of the family. The only difference is he will speak only if some important idea or feeling needs to be expressed. Now, my younger brother is 20 years old and he is completely unconcerned about what is going on in his family the same as Happy turned out at the end of the play. I feel that parents tend to get inclined to the one who is followings their principles. In the play, Biff, was more prioritized than Happy was. Willy always believed that being well known is a part of success.  Likewise, my aunt prefers to elicit responses to what she says, so she shares with her elder son. I don’t think this is discrimination; however, parents should always be concerned about their children’s feelings though they are not moving along the path they prefer.

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