How Do Children of Twenty-first Century Spend Summer?

After having finished reading the chapter “Heat and Rain” from Vasant Moon’s autobiography Growing Up Untouchables in India, I started to think about how children of twenty-first century are spending their summer. Thinking about it for an hour, I realized that today’s children are not so close to nature and they are unable to find happiness from nature. Hence, I decided to share my thoughts with my friends from the perspective of Bangladesh.

Since children in urban area live in concrete jungle, they are far away from the true beauty of nature. Thus, during their summer vacation, they are usually confined to play video games and to watch satellite channels. However, it doesn’t mean that they don’t want to get closure to nature. They want, but their parents can’t take them to a long trip due to several reasons such as may be their parents are busy with their professions. Or maybe they don’t want to sacrifice their comfortable life and go to their villages in the summer as it is difficult to live there because of load shedding. I can give an example. My mother doesn’t take my younger sister to our village during her summer vacations because of two reasons. Firstly, my sister is so naughty that it is hard for my mother to keep my sister in her sight. As a result, my mother is always worried about her. In addition, my sister can’t swim. Consequently, my mother thinks that while playing with friends, my sister will unconsciously go near the pond and will fall in the water. Another reason is that because of the frequent failure of electricity in villages, it becomes hard to stay inside the house during summer. That’s why my mother doesn’t prefer to go to the village during the summer vacation. Hence, my sister spends her vacation in watching satellite channels and playing video game.

On the other hand, it is a matter of great regret that children who live in village are unable to find joy from nature, even though they are the one who live closely to nature. It is because nowadays children have become lazy and like to watch satellite channels such as Cartoon Network, so they don’t like to go out and perform thrilling activities like stealing fruits from the neighbors’ trees which our ancestors used to do. Let me share one of my experiences. Nowadays, whenever I go to my village, I don’t often see children playing outside. There is no noise of children outside; it seems that I have come to a ghost village. Thus, one day I asked one of my aunts why it’s so quiet there. She told me in reply, “It is because of satellite channel. There is at least one television in every house, so why should children go out and play when they can find pleasure in watching TV?”

Now I think, what would our ancestors do if televisions were available to them? Would they find enjoyment from nature or watch TV like the children of this era?

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