“heat and rain” in my childhood

When I was reading Vasant Moon’s description about flower, fruits, friends and occasions in the summer and rainy days of his childhood in the 4th chapter “Heat and Rain” of his autobiography Growing up Untouchable in India, it seemed that the images were passing through in front of my eyes. Was I seeing Moon and His friends? No! The images were so clear and I found that I was thinking about my own childhood and enjoyment with my friends.

As I lived in a small town, there were lots of trees, flowers and fields surrounded my community. The boys and girls of my community used to roam those gardens and fields all day long in holly days. On other days, after school we used to gather together and eat green mangos, tamarinds and other fruits of summer. We collected known and unknown flowers and played different kinds of games. As the days were so much hot, we would get so much tired roaming in the sun whole day. Our parents would scold us and took us home. At the afternoon, we again gathered the nearest field and play. Since there had unbearable load-shadings in summer, we rarely used to sit down for studying in the evening. We went to the field and listen to the stories told by elders or ourselves.

In the beginning of rainy days, we became happy as we could play in the rain. However, after some days we became bored as we could not go outside for playing. My mother used to cook delicious foods on rainy days and I enjoyed eating and sleeping. If it rained heavily, we would suffer a lot. The roads and yard were slippery; water came from our roof and so on. As a result, rainy days turned into pain.

Actually, childhood is the best part of one’s life. It does not matter the season is hot, cold, or rainy. As people grow up, they involve with lots of activities to be successful in life. Then they can’t enjoy the life with a free mind. Though Vasant struggled a lot in his childhood, but I think, the test of nature, enjoyment with friends, and happiness of independent activities would not come back again in his life. Similarly, the days I had left in my childhood, will not come back again in my life.

One Response to “heat and rain” in my childhood

  1. meihuilan says:

    I really enjoy reading your stories related to your childhood and your hometown, where seems to be very beautiful and full of happiness. I can see that you had a great time with your friends even though the environment was not very comfortable. Moreover, you are absolutely right that we may have lost our interests in something of which we were fond of in the past, and sometimes we want to go back because we miss some happy moments we once had. However, as what you said in your writing, our lives are moving forward, so the only thing we can do may be to live our lives with the attitudes we had in the past, perhaps it will help us to find that life is very beautiful in the “heat and rain” of the world.

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