Classification: Not Fair !

The autobiography Growing up as an Untouchable in India by Vasant Moon, shares his experience of
living as an untouchable in India. Moons book talks about the caste system in
India, where he mentions that the people are classified according to their
caste, as people of upper caste (Brahmins) and people of lower caste (Dalits)
also called as the untouchables. The lifestyle is completely different in these
two caste system. Brahmins have, comparatively, significant advantage compared
to the Dalits. Brahmins are honored and respected by the society where as Dalits
aren’t. Brahmins are considered as ‘pure’ and the Dalits, ‘impure’.

Personally, I don’t like this
system of categorizing and considering some among us as pure and some impure. The
low castes are not respected much in the society and are not accepted / allowed
to do certain things freely. They are looked down and are not appreciated. The new
born child, so innocent, born in the family of the lower caste has already lost
his/her freedom of living the way he/she likes to. As the child grows, he/she
has to follow the rules and make sure not to do anything that the society dosn’t
accepts. While the child of the upper class would have all the privilege and is
liable do anything without objection from the society. For example, individuals
from the low cast are not allowed to enter into the temple nor are they supposed
to enter the residence of the higher cast family. Since they are considered
impure, the things that they touch are also considered impure and whatever they
touch are not accepted by others. This system is practiced in every generation
and will carry on and on. The low cast families are the unprivileged while the
upper cast take the privilege and have more advantage comparatively.

Moon shares his experience
mentioning that he had joined a school where only the children of Brahmins were
studying. The lower class children were not to be seen there. This clearly
shows that the lower caste people are underprivileged and they are not allowed
or they don’t have the access even to education as the upper class individuals

But on the other hand, I see that
this kind of caste system of categorizing some in upper class and others in lower
class makes the daily life to run smoothly. For instance, the low class people
are considered impure and they are assigned to do jobs like toilet cleaners,
sweepers and maintain drainage system and similar other activities. Whereas,
the upper class individuals are mostly preachers, tutors or handling religious functions.
So, considering and practicing this system in every generation will make it easy
to assign who will do what. Conversely, it doesn’t sound fair, as individuals
have their wish and desires to live life as they like to and their dreams are bounded
and limited by the caste system.

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