Charismatic Nature

     In the chapter “Heat and rain” of the autobiography Growing Up Untouchables in India, the author Vasant Moon describes how summer and rain demonstrate the lives of the people in his neighborhood. He describes how heat of summer brings sufferings for them and how rain brings comfort and joy for them. He also describes rain as a blessing and as blame in their lives. However, in this chapter he shows a relationship between human life and nature. Nature causes sufferings, and again, it has the ingredients to comfort these sufferings. Reading this chapter, I have discovered my homeland Bangladesh through Vasant Moon’s description of his own neighborhood.

     Vasant moon describes summer as a season of fruits. Summer appears in his neighborhood with lots of fruits such as Shembdi, chinchas,chikkus, khirni, kavathes etc. During the summer, the poor village people have abundance of fruits to savor. They are always eating and eating. Similarly, in Bangladesh, summer is called “Honey month” for the sweetness of summer fruits. Most of the Bangladeshi fruits grow in summer such as mango, berry, pine apple, litchi, water melon, jack fruit etc. These fruits are so abundant during summer that most of the poor people remove their hunger eating fruits only. Vasant Moon mentions their throwing stones to other’s fruit trees. Similarly, in my country, it is a common picture in summer that naughty boys are throwing stones to fruit trees. Again, Moon describes how intolerable heat becomes, and how this extreme heat brings unique happiness. He says life becomes peaceful after drinking water taken in a metal cup from an earthen pot to quench their relentless thirst. Similarly, our rural people also quench their thirst eating water melon, and drinking water from earthen pots. They suffer from extreme heat all day long, but life seems to be heaven when they sleep on cool earth surface at night. Those houses seem more comfortable than air conditioned rooms.

      Summer becomes more and more extreme; people wait for the cool rain to soothe the mother earth. Like the way Vasant Moon’s village people repair their rooftops, our village people also take rain preparation repairing their roofs. Every men, women, and children join in repairing the roofs with a great interest. Suddenly, one day the whole sky becomes overcast with black cloud, and it starts raining. As Vasant Moon describes the troubles during rain, rain also causes lots of sufferings in our country submerging the roads and houses of the poor people. Again, it is the same rain that gives the poor people an opportunity to eat fish. During the rainy season, all the village people start to catch fish. Moreover, during the rainy season, people make extra money plying their boats.

     In conclusion, the life of the poor people is more close to nature everywhere in the world. Although nature causes sufferings to these people, nature plays the responsibility to comfort her poor children’s lives.

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