Autobiography (part 1)

In the chapter “Heat and Rain,” Moon Vasant describes his beautiful boyhood during hot days in summer. Reading one page after another, I am ecstatic to live in Moon’s colorful life and observe the appearance of strange fruits and ceremonies. Through the lines, I smell the flavors and taste the sweetness of different kinds of fruit. I hear the shouts and laughter of the kids when it begins to rain. I also feel their fears when they steal food. All of the imageries remind me to my own childhood when I used to share the same experiences with my friends. We would steal fruit from our neighbors due to having fun rather than suffering hunger. We would endeavor to jump over high fences to “harvest” ripe fruits; we would shout out when we were tightly holding these fruits in hands, and we would run as fast as we could whenever we noticed a slight sound. Being so innocent, we would even take showers in rain without wearing clothes. We would run houses after houses in order to invite our friends to join us. After that, all of us would race to a big damp in another village and even dived ourselves into it. After savoring enough the influx of water from the mouth of a huge dragon in the sky (our childish beliefs), we would go back home with enough zeal and energy. Sometimes, I wonder why our parents were so lenient in those days. Indeed, they didn’t say a word or forbid us to expose to the dirty water in the damp.


Usually, I wonder why people’s attributes change as time elapses because those beautiful days seem to disappear when we grow older. Maybe, today, we are mature birds with solid wings, so we can find our own directions and ways to our nests. Maybe, we are now independent enough to find food and establish new relationships ourselves. Maybe, those hobbies seem to be absurd for us, adults in the contemporary society. I don’t know the exact answer. However, I exactly know a truth that I have never felt remorseful for those beautiful days.

3 Responses to Autobiography (part 1)

  1. Masooma says:

    Dear Tram,
    I can still see that zeal and energy inside you! It’s good to savor reminiscing sweet memories of the childhood. I also had great childhood experiences of playing outdoors, but now I think our world grows bigger as we grow up. Expectations from us also change. So, we pay more attention to how others think of us and try to look more mature. We try to follow the rules of the world around us and gradually change into someone different from our childhood character. However, it is not bad to be an adult if we keep that innocent spirit in ourselves, more knowledgeable, skillful adults with innocent hearts. That would make a perfect world.
    So, enjoy your fly to new phases of life, but don’t forget to drop by to your childhood memories’ world sometimes.

  2. auwpriyanka says:

    Hey Tram,
    I completely agree with you that Vasant Moon’s description of his childhood days is so tangible that we can feel and imagine the air, food, heat, and everything that he describes. It was interesting to know that your childhood days were similar to that of Moons’. In fact, I could imagine your doing fun and enjoyment in your village.

    Moreover, I would like to say that chilhood days are gift to human beings. We do not have any loads of responsibilties and our boundary to freedom is limitless. However, as we grow mature, we are chained with duties and responsibilities.

    I too feel I would have never grown-up, but it is the law of nature and we have to accept it.

  3. phamtram says:

    Thanks friend,
    I understand that we have to grow up, and we have to change to adapt. However, i hope that all of us can keep our inner innocence and fragrance until we are old.

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