When I was reading Death of a Salesman, written by Arthur Millar, I was thinking about some kind of values of a person. I think that whatever Millar trying to say by the characters of the play was obviously true for most of the people.
In the play, Willy believes that appearance is very important if one wants to be successful in his life. He thinks that if one is charming and well-liked, everyone will know him, he will be famous, and there will be no hinder to be successful in life. At first, I thought that Willy was wrong, and there is no value of appearance in society. Later, the thing came to my mind if appearance really had no value in society.
I saw many people who shout that they only value the qualities and hard work of a person. If people really do so, how can the fairness cream companies and other cosmetics companies make a big profit every year? If people don’t value appearance, why are they buying the fairness creams every month? Moreover, whenever we turn on the TV, we can watch many advertisements of the fairness creams which show that one is being neglected in the interview board and not getting a job as his skin color is dark, on the other side the other person easily gets job as his skin is fair as he uses the cream. Here, what do we see? We see that the advertisers want to prompt people to buy the cream for convincing the employers and getting the job. Surprisingly, they are successful, and most people value appearance consciously or unconsciously.
Another interesting thing I notice when the World Cup game was being held, most of the people were great fans of Kaka, Villa, Messy, and Cristiano Ronaldu and the fact was that four of them were the most charming football players. People like them not only for their good performance, but also for their charming appearance. There were many players who played very well, but why weren’t they as famous as the four players? The answer is clear.
Here I understand Willy’s perceptive and agree that people values good appearance consciously or unconsciously.

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