A Dialog and a Thought

Father and his son are talking.

Father: What’s wrong with you, dear?

Son: Please, don’t ask me anything. I can’t tolerate you anymore.

Father: What?!? Son: Yes, because you are pretentious.

Father: How dare you to say like this?!?

Son: You gave me the lesson of humanity. You gave me the lesson of honesty…but, you did not follow these. How can I respect you? You just pretended to be an honest man, but you took bribe, you used other people for your own need. How do you expect me respect you?

Father looks at his son with an amazed look.


What will happen when the trustworthiness of a father and son relationship on the verge of break? We all know in most of the cases, our fathers are the role-models to us. From the childhood, our parents give us the lesson how we can lead ourselves in the way of our lives. They teach us honesty, humanity, altruism, and so on. We expect that our parents also practice these virtues. However, sometimes we see that they advise us not to tell lie, but they often tell lie. How can we take the lesson of telling truth when our parents do not practice it?

I know one of my friends who do not respect her father at all. It is surprising fact that he loves his father a lot in his childhood. However, his view towards his father has changed when he got to know that his father took bribe. It was a great shock for him to tolerate because he always respect his father for his honesty. Dear reader, I have imagined the abovementioned scene which may be applicable for them to make understand their situation. I know it is possible. Often time the clash among the children and the parents burst when the expectation towards each other cannot be fulfilled. Probably Biff, the character of the drama “Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller, is one of the examples of that type situation who disrespects his father for not fulfilling the expectation of being the epitome of honesty which he knows as a truth from his childhood.


Father: I am sorry my boy. Really I’ve never realized that the lesson I’m teaching you which I’m not practicing. It is my fault. I promise you I never do this. I want your respect my boy. It will be the most valuable treasure for me.

Son: Please, don’t tell anything in that way….. (crying). I didn’t want to hurt you papa. Please forgive me! Please……

One Response to A Dialog and a Thought

  1. Phamtram says:

    Dear Friend,
    You are right when saying that parents are the models of our behaviors. Therefore, we will be absolutely disappointed when seeing them doing wrong things. However, i wonder whether or not Biff disrespects Willy because at the end of the play, he tells the truth for his father and even cries for him. I think that Biff is disappointed with Willy, but he always respects and admires him.

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