Willy Loman

I think Willy Loman, one of the characters from Arthur Miller’s play “The Death of a Salesman,” is interesting. Even though he seemed a little disturbed and concocting a plan to kill himself, I rather found him amusing. It may look somewhat bizarre, viewing Willy Loman as a fascinating figure. He did not avoid the fact that he had a dream and a dream must never be deferred. He was a man who had little, but never took it as little things. For example, the travelling he did to in Boston, working under a young boss, and not having the “perfect family.” He never succumbed to anything. He refuses to work under his friend Charley because of his pride. He was a man full of surprises and mysteries. He was a man who never gave up. He was not getting any younger, and worked at a business company, which was too tiring for him, just so he could survive and help his wife. He was not ready to rely on his two sons, Biff and Happy.

However, towards the end of the play, we find ourselves losing Willy. Willy’s demise was obvious from the title of the play, but we lose a man who was full of hopes and dreams. This, I believe, portrays how dreams can get shattered. He does not get to see what he had always wanted to see, that is his son, Biff, succeed. He does not get to do what he had always wanted to do, that is becoming a successful person, who will be recognized by everyone. He dies, just like that. He does not die accidently, but in fact kills himself. It is a wonder, why an interesting character has to die. I found Willy to be the magnetism of the play. He portrayed many things for me. He was brave, misunderstood, guilty, etc.

Furthermore, some may have found the ending of the play uninteresting. They may have found Willy as a weak, scared, and hopeless person, since everyone considers a suicide as a pathetic escape from life. I, however, believe it is not, it is up to an individual. Whether or not one wants to kill oneself is one’s own decision. We do not have a say in it. I have no comments regarding Willy killing himself, but I thought Willy as the charm of the play. He was an attention-grabbing man. The life he had lived, the things he believed would happen. He was so full of expectations, but unfortunately, we do not see those expectations of his occurring.


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2 Responses to Willy Loman

  1. vythai says:

    Dear Tandin,
    Like you,I also find that Willy is a special person with beautiful hopes and dreams. I feel a good father who always care for his sons and an anthusiastic person in him. The fact that he dies may sadden us; however, it is like a reminder that there is nothing existing forever. Therefore, we need to appeciate every thing we have and try our best to accomplish them, don’t we?

  2. ztandee says:


    Yes, we need to appreciate and thank you for your response.
    It is very true that nothing last forever, yet it is very heart breaking that all the good things come to an end!

    Good luck to you and hope you succeed in life.

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