Willy Loman’s Journal (ACT ONE)

I am Willy Loman. I am married to Linda Loman, and I have two sons, Biff and Happy. Can you imagine that my sons, whom I have tried to put my whole life, talk behind me? My elder son doesn’t like me, and my younger son is too young to understand me. Biff says I am fake, and Happy says I am sick. All I want is Biff  be a prodigy as I used to be; I want him to establish a business and settle down. Is this something wrong? Is it bad for a father to expect something good from his son? I am not wanting something which is impossible. I know my son very well; I know Biff has all the qualities to knock down any business person in the market. He has the leading and conquering potentiality since childhood. In school he used to be the football coach favorite student for his initiatives. In his teenage, he won scholarship from three universities, and above all, he was made the high school captain. Therefore, if he tries to start his business, then I can garauntee that he can make million dollars in a very short period of time. I always wanted to own a business; a business larger than Charley’s (Charley, my neighbor), but I couldn’t do it. I am too old to have the same zeal as I used to have in my adulthood. Therefore, I want my son to continue my dream and  keep my name.

My family says that I am going mad,and I talk to myself. I do not talk to myself. I just see the beautiful memories that had once made me feel so proud and pleased. I am so deep into it that I see the people talking to me and-of course-encouraging me. I like being in these moments because these moments and the people praise my hardship that I have done until now. The real world is totally opposite to my imaginative world. Today my sons do not believe me; I am neither charmed nor well known like before, and the most important I do not make enough money to show my richness. All these affairs has demoralize me and made me feel like a dull man and an inarticulate salesman. I feel likedying. I even tried killing myself. How a man like me who had once lived like a king is now assailed by his own sons and ruined by his own business live peacefully? I only see dying as the best option, and I think
I will try to do it successfully one day.

2 Responses to Willy Loman’s Journal (ACT ONE)

  1. auwpriyanka says:

    Hey Anshu,
    It was great to read Willy’s memoir . You have incorporated all the dreams and aspirations that Willy had once wished to achieve. According to Willy’s point of view, it is true that his sons do not take him seriously. He is like a helpless, old man; he does not have a good work and satisfied life. However, I would have wished to see the positive aspects of his life also such as immeasurable love of Linda. Linda has proved herself as a dedicated wife. She always remained beside Willy in his good as well as bad days.

    Moreover, I would like to read how Willy would describe his extra-marital affair with the woman because it was one of the reasons that drove away the faith of his son, Biff towards Willy.
    Good Luck!

  2. tasnia says:

    Dear Willy, I know you are very dedicated to your family, loves them too much. You shares your thoughts about your family. You are broken heart as your sons don’t pay you full respect. One thing you forget that you elder son Biff knows about your monkey business. After knowing that how can he respect you?

    Dear Anshu,
    I like the way you described Willy’s thoughts from his perspective. You showed how a person gave clarification when he was accused.

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