Why Should They Suffer?

The woman knocked the door and asked for a glass of water. Her face was tired and upset. She seemed to be new in this neighborhood. None of us had seen her and were surprised that why she has knocked our door. She said that she was tired and asked if we could let her come home. The wrinkles on her face were telling us of a deep pain in her sun burnt face. After drinking a cup of tea, she took a deep breath and started telling us about her story. Her 16-year –old daughter, who had been the most beautiful and intelligent member of the family were suffering from schizophrenia, the cruel disease that causes the patient see and hear things that are not real (something the same as Willy in “Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller). As the woman said, the girl used to start shouting at others and call them bad names. Anyone who wanted to calm her down she would beat and fight with him or her. She used to think that everyone wants to harm her. After taking seducing drugs and a while of crying and roaring, she would fall asleep and everything would return to its normal. The woman said that her daughter thinks neighbors and some other people are watching her from the window cursing her. The imaginary characters used to tell her, “You are a bad girl, no one likes you!” That day was the first day that we heard about such a disease and after that, this woman used to come to our home and share her problems about the poor girl. Before leaving Iran, we went to her home for farewell. We found the mother’s face livid; she started crying because her daughter’s mental situation had deteriorated. She had punched her mother’s face and painted the face blue. Seeing this scene made all of us so depressed, and made us ask how and why someone who had been the best student in high school, the kindest and cleverest girl in the family, should become like this, someone whom everyone was scared of.

Reading “Death of a Salesman” reminded me of that girl and again it made me think why people should suffer from these kinds of diseases? Do these types of mental disorders rise from pressures and hardships or do they have another reason? Have scientists been able to discover the main causes for such a great pain? Have they been able to find a permanent cure for them?


2 Responses to Why Should They Suffer?

  1. phamtram says:

    Zahra, I don’t understand much about science or medicine, and i can also do nothing to help these people. However, i hope that you and i will pray for them, ok? We will aspire to see these patients rehabiliate soon. Moreover, we should hope her mother to have enough patience to take care of her while she is looking for her treatment.

  2. ansadhikari says:

    Hi Zahra,
    Your bolg post is interesting to read, and I am sorry to hear about your neighbor’s daughter. I hope she will be fine soon. I guess there are some therapies which can control such kind of mental illness. I guess these kinds of mental sickness are due to over mania for something. Sometimes, people are so obessed that their obsession will lead them to mental sickness. Their imagination will be their reality. Have you seen Russell Crowe’s movie, A Beautiful Mind ? This is a movie based on a young schizophrenic prodigy, who forces himself to eliminate his disease,but he can’t. I think, if there is no solution for schizophrenia, then people can do somthing similar to Russell’s persona; that is, adapting the situation as if the imaginary people do not exist. I hope you can show this movie to your neighhbor’s daughter to encourage her to live happily.
    Have a good day!

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