Where Do I Find My Happiness?

When I was reading the time magazine article “The New Science of Happiness” by Claudia Wallis, I was thinking about my own happiness. What makes me happy?

My happiness is when I get a good grade and my teachers highly praise me.

My happiness is when I dress up nicely and people tell me “Beautiful”.

My happiness is when I miss my family, and my parents come to visit me without telling me before coming.

My happiness is when my friends surprise me waking me up at midnight on my birthday.

My happiness is when my mother cooks my favorite dishes for me, and feeds me by her own hand. You know, she is very busy, and she seldom cooks for us.

My happiness is when my father buys me a new dress, which I chose last week, but he didn’t buy me saying that that’s not good quality. (Actually, at that time he didn’t have enough money as it was the last week of the month, and now after getting his salary, he has bought it for me).

My happiness is when I teach my younger sister, and she gets a good grade on that particular subject. At that time, her happiness makes me happy.

My happiness is when my grand-ma attempts to wool a sweater for me although she can’t see clearly at all.

My happiness is when my paintings are acclaimed by someone saying I would be a good painter in future.

My happiness is when I give my food to a beggar during school break and eating that food he satisfies his hunger and smiles to me.

My happiness is when I enjoy watching horror movies with my friends sitting together very closely eating popcorn.

My happiness is when my sister quarrels with me without any reason and later she comes to me giving a warm hug saying sorry.

My happiness is when I hear my parents’ voice in the phone asking everything with great care.

My happiness is when someone gifts me during any festival especially in Durga Puja at the day of Dashami collecting money from everyone touching their feet named namasker.

My happiness is when I see my favorite actor or actress getting awards for their contributions.

My happiness is when I visit my village, and receive greetings from my relatives and neighbors.

My happiness is when I travel my favorite places with my family and friends having fun and adventures.

My happiness is when I listen to music and enter into a world of fantasy.

Above all, my happiness is when I give something to anyone, or when I am given something by anyone.

5 Responses to Where Do I Find My Happiness?

  1. phamtram says:

    My happiness is to read your blog.
    My happiness is to realize that you can savor happiness in this simple life.
    My happiness is to learn that i can also be happy if i pratice your advice.
    My happiness is to write this comments, so that two of us can share our experience and make the other feel happy.
    And my happiness is to say “Thanks” for this interesting blog, Papul.

  2. My happiness is when I get to read such a lovely blog post!!! Really sweet feelings my friend. I missed my family and those happy moments spend with my beloved ones. Your final comment is really true for me aswell. Papun, wish you luck for upcoming blog posts and thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts.

  3. yogeauw says:

    hi Papun,
    that was very interesting to read, you find happiness in evey move you make and i liked the way you mentioned in what ways you get joy. ..what makes me happy is doing what i like and also doing things that i had never done before. for instance, last weekend me and my friends played water fight on the rooftop 🙂 ..and that happened after a really long time… i just enjoyed every moment of it … those times will not come back again but it will remain in my memory and will bring a smile on my face whenever i think of it. … this is happiness to me ..n a lot more. …

  4. Dear Papun:
    It’s fun to read your blog. I also become very happy by doing all the things that you mentioned in your blog. Especially, in Durga Puja, when I meet with my relative and touch their feet for blessings. They often offer money, but sometimes they also give gifts, chocolates, etc. I am happy to know that this tradition is also followed here.
    Thank you

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