Was Willy Really Brave?

I found the play “Death of the Sales man” truly depressing but the tragedies that were mentioned there are universal in a sense that many people happen to face such failure in their lives. I do appreciate the way the writer has given life to the play by introducing ups and downs and some touchy moments were also inhibited. As a whole this play reminds me of my shattered dreams and the ups and downs through which I along with my family had gone. But, honestly speaking, I didn’t like Willy, the main character of this play. Before getting through this play, I thought that the main character would go through lots of hardships and my expectation was met. Keeping this aside, another expectation I had from Willy was that he would be strong and determined character and would fight till the end. But contrary to what I have thought, he committed suicide.

Firstly I didn’t like Willy’s betraying character. He had a loyal, understanding and loving wife for whom nothing was important other than Willy- not even their sons. He also should have been loyal to his wife. Instead, he made an extra marital affair with another woman. Moreover, the reason behind that affair was also silly. Having affair just because of feeling lonely is not a rational reason. If everyone starts having affairs betraying their wives and husbands whenever they feel lonely then what will be the worth of trust and faith in any relationship? Similarly, some may say that he went through many sufferings and stand rigid facing all his problems. But, in my view being determined and strong through the process is not enough. Whether you have the courage to face the result or not determines how brave and strong you are. Every one dares to do work but only the brave ones get ready to face the consequences- no matter whether it would be positive or negative.

Another thing that I didn’t like about Willy is his inconsistent emotions. At one time he was motivated and positive about everything and everyone, but in another minute the optimism changed into pessimistic view. Without being consistent to anything or any feelings, how could he be successful? Similarly, the way he pleaded in front of Harold was really pathetic. He could beg in front of Harold but wasn’t ready to work for Charley. How foolish he was, could be concluded from this event. Overall, the play is good but the way the main character that has been shown or presented to the readers might have been stronger and persuading if Willy was presented as a brave guy instead as cowardice.

2 Responses to Was Willy Really Brave?

  1. Phamtram says:

    Do you think that Will is weak to commit suicide? He dies for his wife’s and sons’ futures, so is his demise wrong? Moreover, i think that the play represents the real life instead of fairy tales or immagination where everyone is heros or idealistic person. Therefore, Willy is also a human being, who has desire and curiosity (that’s my thought), so how can he pass a beautiful flower, the woman, who is inviting him? Moreover, his mind flutuates because he has a disease. Does he want that disease? NO. In short, i appreciate your thoughts, but i think we should look at the other side of the play also.

  2. Dear Jyoti,
    Believing every person has his or her own point of view, I do respect your view towards Willy. I also agree with you that the ability of having courage to face the result determines how brave and strong we are. However, I strongly disagree with you that Willy did not have courage to face the challenges. In fact, I think that he tried his best to overcome the challenges life kept putting in his way. He never lost his hope, which is the most important part of being strong and having courage according to my belief. Sometimes it is hard to get through all the problems we face in our life. Whatever we want cannot be fulfilled each and every time despite trying hard. Furthermore, about the inconsistent emotions of Willy, one can easily think that the situation he was going through. A person can have these kinds of emotions in such conditions and in fact his condition was even worse. As I said before, every person has his or her own way of analyzing things, and I think that Willy was a courageous person, who loved his family the most and for whom he sacrificed his life. Only few people can do this and I admire him for it.

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