The Life Is Hard, What Can We Do?

In the chapter “Callousness and Clouds” of1 the autobiography Growing Up Untouchability in India, Vacant Moon talked about the hard period of time when his family suffered from a lot of dilemmas in their life. After leaving from his father who was addicted to drinking and beating his mother, he lost his father. Then, their house was irrationally taken away by his grandfather’s unofficial son. Consequently, their life seemed to be fallen in a dark “hole”.

Before his grandfather died, Vasant Moon’s life was full of flowers. Although living in low caste, he experienced a lot of things from his grandfather’s modern perspectives and lifestyle. His grandfather always cared for and protected his daughter and grandchildren. In other words, Moon lived in love and care. Then, their happy life terminated when his grandfather died. Obviously, he didn’t want it, but the life still went on and they had to accept the “cloud.”

Likewise, there are always some spots in everyone’s life. The play Death of a Salesman written by Arthur Miller exemplifies the idea that life does not always flow smoothly as we all expect. At first, no one in the Willy Loman’s family could think that their life would turn to the opposite side. The demise of their affluence life came, and they unwillingly accepted it. After the economic recession, they led in a miserable life appearing to change their traits. Willy, a confident person in the past, altered to be unemployed with no money to support his family. The two children didn’t have a decent job, and their former friends were no longer close to them. They often thought of their past when they had been happy with their money, power, and status.

The life is so hard, indeed. Apparently, we don’t want to be born in a miserable condition. We don’t like to see dissociation. We hate to be betrayed. We are shocked to know our grandmother passed away. Yet can we change anything? Sometimes, we still have to suffer from such situations. In fact, problems always exist in our lives; however, our perspectives and reception are the predominant factor of what and how our lives are. I wonder how many people in the world are satisfied with their lives. And I believe that must be optimistic people who think obstacles are something to make their lives be more colorful. As a Vietnamese saying goes, “Rivers are sinuous; people’s lives are also enigmatic, occasionally.” The saying is written to encourage people who are in difficult time to be courageous to prevail over their “clouds”. If we adhere to the feeling of sorrow and do nothing to enhance ourselves, we can never defeat it. I hope that everyone will realize and apply it in their lives.



5 Responses to The Life Is Hard, What Can We Do?

  1. phamtram says:

    Thu oi Thu ah,
    I appriciate your thoughts, but we also have the idiom, “It’s easier said than done. ” Although many of us understand that obstacles are opportunities making our lives colourful and varied, how many people can smile in their difficulty times? If we always pretend to be happy or try to be opptimistic while we are devastated , will we feel relieved? Is it good to do so?

    • vythai says:

      Tram oiiiiiiiii,
      because there are not so many people smiling in their delimmas, so the saying I wrote was written to awaken them, don’t you think? And the fact the we try to be happy is a very positive way to live in a hard life like this. What if a person always think about bad aspects in her life? Is she able to overcome her difficulties? Or she just wants to cry, to be soothed, or even to die? I think it is very good to think optimisticly. HIHI. Always smile. We can be a light to direct others around us to the right way. Pretending to be happy doesn’t mean that smile in front of others but inside you feel despressed. It means you have to try your best to over come it and think about your bright future. Huh?

      • phamtram says:

        Yes, but it’s difficult to do so, right? You also talked about someone became a light for other. How about a depressed person who cannot find a reliable friend to share???

  2. phamtram says:

    However, thanks so much for awaking me. Hee. Toi nay den phong tui ngu di co nuong, danh cho bay gio.

  3. iratahmid says:

    Dear Thu,
    Well done. I like the way you make a good comparison between two readings : Growing up in Untouchability and Death of a Salesman.I agree with you that no one want to born in a miserable condition , but nobody knows that what will happen in their life. If he or she fall in that situation than he or she have to struggle against that situation. In fact, I believe problems can make life more meaningful.

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