The Interview about Happiness

     What is happiness? Why do many people endeavor to achieve the thing that they cannot define? Why do they spend money, time, and effort on discovering the enigma of happiness, which they cannot touch, see, or eat? What is the true power of happiness that helps it attracts everyone in the globe? Below table are the records of an interview that questions some people’s thoughts about happiness and tactics they use to achieve it.


Willy Biff
     Happiness is similar to be affluent and famous. For me, huge salaries of a job that is suitable for my age is happiness. I also aspire to witness my sons’ success, especially Biff, of whom I always feel guilty. At the end of my life, I hope many people to attend my funeral and pay the last respect to me.

     To achieve these things, I always endeavor to work hard and coerce my sons to do so as well. I want them to realize that happiness lies in our hands, and whether we want to hold it or not is vital.

     My happiness is to be what I am. I want to be myself and do what like to do. For me, happiness is not necessarily noble or wealthy. I dream to have a farm where I savor peace with a beautiful wife, nice animals, and beautiful plants.

     I will try to persuade my father, Willy, to support my dream.  I will work hard to make him proud of me although my dreams aren’t relevant to what he hopes.

Linda Happy
     My happiness is my husband’s and sons’ happiness. I feel satisfied whenever I see them love and care for each other. For me, they are the best people in the world.

     To realize my dreams, I attempt to bring joy to my family such as supporting Willy whenever he is devastated, encouraging Biff to work hard, and reminding Happy not to get irate with his brother, Biff.

     My happiness is to possess big cars, big houses, and to talk with beautiful girls. I think that to live is to savor, so I always live joyfully and satisfyingly.

     I want the merchandise manager to die to achieve my happiness. (Laugh). To be candid, I think that I am happy, so I don’t need to anything else. I am satisfied with my life now. The only thing annoying me is to hear my father’ and brother’s quarrel.


     After reading these records, hope that you all will find the exact meaning of happiness and appropriate strategies to achieve it.


2 Responses to The Interview about Happiness

  1. vythai says:

    Dear Tram Cow,
    you are so creative. What an interesting discovery of different perspectives about happiness! I am just curious who you think has the most beautiful idea about happiness among four of them. How about you? What is your own definition of happiness.(if it is a private question, you don’t need to answer).

  2. phamtram says:

    In my opinion, Happy is the happiest person in the family although he seems not to have any dreams. How about you??
    My happiness is that my dreams become true, hehe. Am i greedy??

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