the death of a salseman and my response

Human lives on hopes and dreams. In
the world, everyone wants to be successful in his life by fulfilling his dreams. However, it is difficult to fulfill wishes, as it requires both hard
work and good luck. When people fail to be someone or do something desirable,
they are labeled “unlucky”. The same thing happened in the play “Death of a Salesman”
written by Arthur Miller, a famous novelist. The play shows a salesman’s death,
when he became extremely devastated in his old age. He was an average person in
his career and family life. As he grew older, he started to earn less and it
became very difficult to maintain his daily life. Moreover, his sons did not
help them and one of them could not fulfill the demand of his father by
establishing him successfully. The son, biff always used to argue with his
father, which seemed that they did not love each other. On the other hand, he
was losing his mental consistency day by day because lots of mental pressure. Secretly,
he made several attempt to commit suicide. Then, he tried his best not to be
fired from his work, but he could not. Eventually, the salesman, Willy, understood
that he was not no more capable to lead his life and support her family, so he
committed suicide. Thus, a life was finished because of great depression.

I have a cousin who is so much
upset with his life. He could not finish his study, as he was not sincere about
his study. He failed in his graduation exam three times, which made him and his
family so frustrated. As his family is not rich, it was difficult for them to
give him money for studding and living outside of home. As he could not give
good result, they became angry and ordered him to go back home. Additionally,
they told him to do some work in his hometown and stopped to support him
financially. However, he showed dissent against them, as he thought that there were
more job opportunities in the capital city, Dhaka. However, he got a lower
class job of salesman in a shop. Though he did not like it, he did the job to
support his life. After six month, he became so much hopeless because of low
salary and hard work. Then, he quit the job and went back home. As, the family
was angry with him and he was depressed, they used to argue all the time. As a
result, he tried to suicide one day. After that event, the family stopped to
suggest him anything for his betterment. It seemed that he became isolated from
his family. Gradually, he has started to behave normally and told his family to
give him last chance to finish his graduation. I hope, he will be successful to
turn his dream true.

As I read the play, it reminded me
about him and I realize that personal ego and attitude, failure, and losing
hope are responsible for mental depression. The salesman in the play and my
cousin both were victim of them.

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