Our Heat and Rain

Nature plays a huge role in one’s childhood as one remains closest to the nature in that period of time. In the chapter “Heat And Rain,” we read about the nature around Vasant Moon when he was a child. Reading the chapter I got to know that how his childhood orientedaround the nature. He used to steal fruit from the tree, catch crabs from the river, and dance in the rain along with other boys. It seems like nature used be a mother to them. They enjoyed the endless blessing of the nature. At the same, they also had to tolerate the wrath of nature during summer. For a time being, they had to face the scorching heat of the sun, but after someday, rain used to bring them relief. I also hear the same kind of stories of childhood from my uncles and father.

Hearing all these stories, I can’t even think of comparing my childhood with them. The total scenario of a childhood in urban area is completely different than the one in rural area. I spent my childhood amongst a concrete jungle, which was full of buildings, traffic jam, and noise. Picking unknown fruits and eating them was quiet impossible for me because they could cause illness. I couldn’t dare to think about catching something from the river or even pond as I didn’t know how to swim. I don’t know that even
now.  I guess these are the same condition in case of most of my peers. We were kind of detached from the Mother Nature. Most of us get introduced with the nature while reading science in schools. We don’t even feel the heat of summer and the shower of rain
now-a-days. We can feel the cold of December in summer by seating in an air-conditioned room. When it rains, we just enjoy the view from our bedrooms, holding a mug of hot coffee. It’s not like we never want to dance in the rain, but most of the time we just defer to our parents. So, that’s how our childhood was, which is continuing till now. Unfortunately and most probably, it will continue to our next generations as well.

At last, I would like to end with a funny story that stroke my mind while reading this chapter. The story is about my father when he was a child and used to live in a village. There were several date trees in that village, and owner of those trees used to hang clay jars on their top to collect date juice dripping from there. At night, my father along with his friends used to steal those jars and drink the juice. After that, they used to show their generosity by hanging those jars to the same place. Instead of hanging the jars empty, the boys used to pee in those jars so that the owners couldn’t get to know about the theft at first when they came to collect them at the early morning. So, that’s the way my father’s childhood was, which sometimes makes me very jealous of him.

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  1. yogeauw says:

    Dear Farah, that was an interesting piece that you have written mentioning the influence of weather on individuals, and it seems that your Dad had a lot of fun days in his childhood. What he did was really a mischievous act and it must have been very much fun for your Dad to that along with his friends. I found it really funny 😀 ….and I believe that you too are having good days and best hours doing little mischief things and funny acts, for instance playing pranks or surprising your friends. Best of luck with your life 🙂

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