On “Death of the Salesman”

The play “Death of the Salesman” by Arthur Miller, is a somehow knocks one’s self consciousness. I find the play more thoughtful rather than sad or emotional. Additionally, the character I have found most interesting is the character of Willy. On the surface, he appears as a crazy man who finally ends up doing suicide; and therefore, many people might consider Willy as a coward and loser. I have also thought the same about Willy as I started the novel. However, my thought about Willy has totally changed as I read the ending of the novel.

I think the ending of the play is the best part where we are able to see the true side of Willy’s character as a gainer and achiever. First, at the end, he got to know that his son Biff truly loves him. This is a big achievement for Willy since he always used to believe that Biff didn’t love him or care about him. Thus he finally managed to get the deserving love from his entire family member which had always meant a lot for him. I think no achievement could be more satisfying for a person like Willy than to get the love and care of his nearer and dearer ones. Second, after all of his sufferings and frustrations as a salesman, he finally acknowledged and accepted the reality that he was never meant to be a salesman which also gave him satisfaction. Therefore, in his imagination he agreed to go with his brother Ben to work and to explore himself. It also reflects him as a gainer as he finally dared to venture his true self, even it’s at the end of his life.

Moreover, his committing suicide is also a sign of his braveness. By committing suicide, he has been able to give his family a secure future with the help of the insurance money. Therefore, his sacrifice of his life for his family represents his courage and bravery. This was also a big achievement for him since by doing this he freed her wife from all her wariness. Through his death, he also gave his sons a chance to move forward in their life with their own dreams to fulfill.

Thus, through his death, he was able to achieve the things which he couldn’t achieve in his lifetime.

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